There’s a female Jackass and they are gross in this cringe-worthy video


“Rad Girls” is supposed to be the female version of the controversial MTV cult classic TV series/movies “Jackass” but it is painfully embarrassing to watch.

One thing that’s always kind of bothered me about the Jackass series is that it a huge sausage fest. Being the huge advocate for equal rights that I am, I’ve always wanted to see more girls in the MTV films.

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Sadly that never happened. Jackass has always been about bros doing bro things like shoving toy cars up each other’s butts and gluing their pubes to each others face… and whatnot; its like the frat house from hell.

So, in hindsight, maybe mixing girls in would just create an awkward — borderline predatory — vibe. To be honest, I don’t really enjoy the gross stuff, I’ve always enjoyed their life-defying stunts. If, like many modern day feminist proclaim, there is no biological difference between men and women, then why can’t women do the same? Are we just too scared? Or maybe it’s dignity?

Okay, scrap the dignity part out. Women that argue that we have any kind of standards or too much dignity to stoop as low as Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, or any of the other Jackasses are full of crap. Quick visit to Twitter, Tinder, and the ‘mother-load’ OnlyFans will prove that we are just as deranged as men.

Female Jackass "Rad Girls" could make an epic comeback 2021.

Female Jackass “Rad Girls” could make an epic comeback 2021.

With that being said, why isn’t there a female version of Jackass? Well… there is. It’s called “Riot Girls” and it is painful too watch.

“Rad Girls was a stunt and prank television show which aired on the music network Fuse TV and then on MavTV. The show’s format was essentially a female version of MTV’s Jackass, with three female performers: Ramona Cash, Munchie, and Darling Clementine, doing stunts and pranks that involve disgusting food, bodily excretions, and debauchery. Yet, no dangerous stunts.

Here’s a taste.

Yeah, it’s pretty much just fetish porn. First episode starts with the girls eating some gross food and then daring guys to smell their farts. If that isn’t enough to not make you watch it (or watch it, I’m not here to kink shame), then I’m sure watching them eat sushi from a fat man’s underpants and drinking each other’s ‘Sprite snot’ will do the trick.

It’s such a shame. I really wanted to see girls do awesome and funny stunts but instead they do all the gross stuff.

If we are equal then why isn’t there a true girls only version of Jackass. Make it happen already! Maybe they can make a return and do it right this time? We need something to fill the void that Jackass 4 cancellation left in us.

The Rad Girls have a Twitter account with close to a thousand followers but they haven’t posted since 2014.

What are your thoughts on “Rad Girls”? You’re type of show? Let us know in the comments below.

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