Ariel Winter is unrecognisable and looks unwell while going for takeout


The Modern Family star was spotted spending $227 on takeaway Sushi in Studio City. Ariel Winter looked like she’d given up, but can we blame her?

Contrary to the latest headlines, Ariel Winter is not ‘enjoying quarantine‘ with her boyfriend with her current boyfriend Luke Benward.

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Ariel Winter went out for some takeaway sushi last Friday. She was snapped leaving Katsuya in Studio City with $227 worth of Japanese cuisine food.

Although the 22-year-old actress was as stunning as ever even while she was sporting a rather casual and lounge-friendly, she, like the rest of us, looked absolutely fed up with the government lockdown.

Her lockdown look didn’t exactly scream red carpet celebrity but instead ‘one of us!’

Ariel winters is unrecognisable with fashionable red respirator mask, black tee with red lip print, and stripy grey sweat pants during lockdown. (image: DailyMail)

Ariel Winter wore a black tee with a red lip kiss print, and fine striped grey sweat pants. The classiest things that complimented her attire was her red respirator mask and matching red leather wallet.

What caught our attention was her greasy hair and the look in her eyes. It looks like Ariel Winters is completely fed up with this lockdown like the rest of us.

Recent studies show that a lot of us, while forcibly locked in our own homes, have given up on personal hygiene and just lay in bed all day stuffing our faces with snacks while binge watching Netflix. It appears that Ariel Winter is just like us in that regard.

Ariel Winter is unrecognisable in mask and looks unwell and depressed with greasy hair while getting $227 worth of takeout during lockdown. (image: DailyMail)

And perhaps life with her new beau is becoming increasingly challenging during the lockdown. God forbid, we all need our private space sometimes, and it’s not going to be easy during lockdown.

Reports show that there has been a spike in divorce filings and domestic disturbances since the lockdown rule was applied. Maybe Luke Benward and Ariel Winter are feeling the heat right now, as it seems they are starting to get serious.

One thing I can say for certain is that if you make it through lockdown with your partner you are definitely with someone you could potentially tie the knot with. So, let’s hope for the best.

Fortunately lockdown rules are starting to ease up so we won’t be imprisoned in our own bedrooms for too much longer. Still, Ariel Winter, despite looking a little unwell and fed up while having her face covered with a mask, looked stunning her her lockdown look.

What are your thoughts on Ariel Winter’s lockdown look? Let us know in the comments below.

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