Elon Musk baby X Ae A-Xii pic with strange German message explained


Elon Musk shared an adorable picture on Twitter today of him holding his newborn son X Ae Xii along with a strange German message about… spoons?

Elon Musk looks so happy and blissfully cradling his newborn baby son in his arms, but what exactly is that strange German message he shared with the image?

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On May 4th, 2020, Elon Musk and Grimes introduced a handsome new fella into their family, X Ai Xii (formerly X Æ A-12) Musk.

Their sons original name X Æ A-12 was rejected by the State of California after they declared that the name did meet their health codes. So, they tweaked it, just a tad, and named him X Ae A-Xii Musk.

Grimes broke down the significance of each letter of the unique name on Twitter on, explaining that X stands for “the unknown variable,” Æ stands for “my elven spelling of Ai,” and A-12 is the “precursor to SR-17.”

After Elon Musk’s Twitter account was restored from a hack that shared a bitcoin scam, the newly turned father shared a picture of himself lovingly embracing his son. However, a strange German message was attached… what does it mean?

Elon Musk shares picture with his newborn baby son X Ae A-Xii with strange German message.

“Das baby kann noch keinen löffel benutzen,” which roughly translates to “the baby cannot use a spoon yet,” is a common German expression. It expresses the awe of just how young and fragile a baby is; how tiny their little hands are. Hence the saying, “they can’t even hold a spoon!”

So, for those of you maybe thinking it was some strange code or cryptic message, sorry… it’s just a common German saying to express your awe in the size at stature of tiny baby things!

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