Vanity Fair Attack Rihanna For Collaborating With Johnny Depp


Vanity Fair publish hit piece on Depp and Rihanna for fashion collaboration insinuating that she’s cast a “weird” abuser.

In a recent article published by Vanity Fair, the decision by pop icon Rihanna to feature Johnny Depp in her latest Savage x Fenty show has been met with criticism and skepticism, underpinning a narrative that seems to ignore the outcome of Depp’s recent legal battles and the evidence presented therein. The piece, which questions the rationale behind Depp’s inclusion, inadvertently showcases a bias that merits a critical examination.

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The article states, “Here’s a weird one. Johnny Depp…appears as a model in Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty Vol. 4 show,” immediately setting a tone of disbelief and disapproval. This opening line, while seemingly innocuous, introduces the reader to a narrative steeped in preconceived notions about Depp’s character, disregarding the legal vindication he has received.

Further, the author describes Depp’s participation as casting a “shadow” over the event, suggesting that his presence is somehow a detriment to the show’s success and to Rihanna’s brand. This assertion blatantly overlooks the fact that Depp was found to be the victim of defamation, a verdict reached by a jury after careful consideration of the evidence presented. It’s perplexing that the article chooses to focus on the controversy surrounding Depp, rather than the outcome that legally absolved him of the accusations made by Amber Heard.

Vanity Fair Attack Rihanna For Collaborating With Johnny Depp

The critique extends to Rihanna herself, with the author questioning her decision-making and implying that her choice to include Depp is a “weird breach” of her character. This line of reasoning not only undermines Rihanna’s autonomy as a creative and a businesswoman but also insinuates that she should distance herself from Depp based on allegations that have been legally scrutinized and resolved in his favor.

Moreover, the article’s tone suggests a lingering allegiance to a narrative that has been disproven in court. It reads, “It’s difficult to imagine her doing so if Depp hadn’t sued Heard for defamation, resulting in an excruciating, massively public civil trial that split opinion in two.” This statement fails to acknowledge the significance of the trial’s outcome and the evidence that led to Depp’s vindication. It perpetuates a biased view that disregards the legal process and the facts that emerged from it.

Vanity Fair Attack Rihanna For Collaborating With Johnny Depp

The Vanity Fair piece represents a troubling trend in media coverage where individuals are continuously tried in the court of public opinion, despite legal outcomes to the contrary. It’s essential to question why the author chooses to cast doubt on Depp’s inclusion in the show, rather than celebrate a moment of redemption for an individual who has navigated through a highly publicized legal battle to clear his name.

The article’s biased and unethical stance not only disrespects the legal system’s findings but also undermines the achievements and decisions of both Johnny Depp and Rihanna. It’s a disservice to the readers and to the principles of fair and unbiased reporting. As we move forward, let us not forget the importance of respecting legal outcomes and the right to redemption, rather than perpetuating narratives that have been legally and factually disproven.

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