Skai Jackson Called Out For Problematic Past


In a recent exposé by the YouTube channel SLOAN, Skai Jackson, the American actress best known for her role as Zuri Ross in the Disney Channel sitcoms “Jessie” and “Bunk’d”, has come under scrutiny for her controversial actions and feuds in the entertainment industry.

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Skai Jackson, born on April 8, 2002, in New York City, began her acting career at the tender age of five. She gained fame for her portrayal of Zuri Ross and has since been a prominent figure in the entertainment world. Apart from her acting career, Jackson has also ventured into writing, releasing her debut book “Reach for the Skai: How to Inspire, Empower, and Clapback” in 2019. Despite her achievements, her journey hasn’t been without its share of controversies.

One of the major points of contention highlighted in the video was Jackson’s recent “MacBook giveaway”. The actress allegedly asked her fans to send her $5 via CashApp to enter a raffle for a chance to win a MacBook. While Jackson defended her actions by stating that such raffles are common and that she personally did not need the money, many found the transaction questionable. Critics argued that if Jackson truly didn’t need the money, she shouldn’t have charged for entry.

The video also touched upon Jackson’s feuds with fellow celebrities and accusations of bullying. In one instance, she was quoted saying, “It’s going to be a problem because I do not mess with people messing with my family.” Such statements have raised eyebrows, with many questioning the nature of her disputes and the authenticity of her public persona.

Skai Jackson in a bikini
Skai Jackson Called Out For Problematic Past

Furthermore, Jackson’s personal life has also been a topic of discussion. In March 2020, she filed for a restraining order against rapper Bhad Bhabie, alleging harassment. Although the petition was temporarily granted, Jackson later dropped it. More recently, in June 2023, Jackson faced backlash for hosting a $5 raffle with a MacBook as the prize. Critics accused her of scamming her followers, to which she responded, “It is not that serious, for a damn $5. It is called a raffle.”

Skai Jackson vs Bhad Bhabie Explained

Skai Jackson and Bhad Bhabie, whose real name is Danielle Bregoli, have had a tumultuous relationship, with their feud taking center stage on social media platforms. The conflict between the two young celebrities reportedly began when Jackson made a comment on her private Instagram account expressing interest in rapper NBA YoungBoy, whom Danielle had previously dated. This did not sit well with Danielle, especially since Jackson had earlier commented on Danielle getting a tattoo of YoungBoy’s name on her face, and now seemed to be complimenting his looks.

Bhad Bhabie Instagram
Skai Jackson Called Out For Problematic Past

Danielle, known for her candid and often confrontational demeanor, was quick to respond. She took to Instagram to express her displeasure, pointing out that Jackson had a history of showing interest in men she had dated. The feud escalated rapidly, with Danielle making threats against Jackson, warning her to steer clear of certain places and hinting at a potential physical altercation. “You’re so small. If I get my hands on you, it’s over with; you’re going to the hospital,” Danielle threatened in one of her posts.

However, the drama didn’t stop with the two celebrities. Their mothers got involved, adding another layer of complexity to the situation. Danielle’s mother, Barbara, began sharing screenshots of her exchanges with Kiya, Skai Jackson’s mother. The conversations between the two mothers became heated, with accusations and insults flying back and forth. Although many of these screenshots have since been removed from the internet, they painted a picture of a deeply personal and intense conflict.

Skai Jackson vs Bhad Bhabie Explained
Skai Jackson vs Danielle “Bhad Bhabie” Bregoli Explained

Kiya, trying to bring some semblance of peace to the situation, eventually seemed to back down. She mentioned the need to focus on the positive work they had been doing and not get sidetracked by the ongoing feud. However, the damage was done, and the rift between Jackson and Bregoli, as well as their families, was clear for all to see.

While Skai Jackson’s talent and achievements in the entertainment industry are undeniable, her problematic past and recent controversies have cast a shadow over her reputation. As the young actress navigates the complexities of fame, it remains to be seen how these events will shape her future in Hollywood.

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