Abandoned on PlayStation 5 is going to rival Red Dead 2 says developer


Hasan Kahraman, developer at BLUE BOX Game Studios, is 100% confident that “Abandoned” will rival Red Dead Redemption 2 in terms of graphics and detail.

BLUE BOX Game Studios head — and quite possible only — developer is hyping is mysterious untitled “Abandoned” game by responding to curious fans through private Twitter messages. According to Kahraman, this game is going to rival Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2. Huge claim for an indie studio.


Tomorrow is — supposed to be — the day that BLUE BOX Game Studios reveal their first live demonstration for their upcoming indie game currently titled “Abandoned.” However, fans now know that the game isn’t actually called “Abandoned” or “Realtime Experience” but that it starts with an S and ends with an L.

Also, apparently the original trailer was reportedly cut together using footage from Unreal store assets and the developer confirmed that none of the footage will be actually seen in the full game. As for what will actually be in the game, only a handful of people actually know; some even think that Hasan doesn’t have a clue.

Abandoned PS5 App
Abandoned graphics going to be insane.

A source who, in the past, has been very reliable told us that “Abandoned” is actually Silent Hill, like the conspiracy claims, and that the game will somehow tie in with Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid universe, just like diehard Kojima fans have been speculating ever since the release of Death Stranding.

Now Hasan Kahraman, the developer, is making some bold claims about his game to his fans through private Twitter messages. The first being that his small indie game could run at 60fps at 8K resolution on the PlayStation 4. So why isn’t it PlayStation exclusive, because he claims that, despite achieving such amazing performance benchmarks on last gen hardware, the PlayStation 4 just couldn’t do it for the full game.

Hasan confirms game is going to be beautiful
BLUE BOX developer says game is going to match Read Dead 2.

The second massive claim that he made was that his small indie game would be released on both digital and physical discs on day-one. If BLUE BOX Game Studios is, in fact, a small indie game developer then this makes absolutely no sense considering even moderately sized developers struggle to get a physical launch, especially on day one.

But the biggest claim that Hasan Kahraman has made about his “Abandoned Realtime Experience” game is that it will 100% rival Rockstar Games‘ Red Dead Redemption 2 in terms of graphics and world detail. Rockstar is one of the biggest and most renowned game studios in the world — yet Hasan Kahraman, who claims to be an indie developer, expects to match the level of quality of one of the most beautiful, let alone expensive, games ever made?

We don’t doubt that when the actual game is revealed that Hasan’s promises will be fulfilled. What we doubt is that BLUE BOX Game Studios is the studio behind whatever “Abandoned” is, and that Hideo Kojima is definitely inolved.

I guess we won’t have to wait too long. Although everything wont be revealed when the “Abandoned Realtime Experience” goes live late today (August 10), we believe that this whole ARG will be revealed through small teasers added to the “Abandoned” app through the coming months that will truly showcase the scope of this project; like a Kojimaverse with Silent Hill, Death Stranding and Metal Gear Solid.

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