Adin Ross permanently banned off Twitch for texting while driving


Grand Theft Auto Twitch streamer Adin Ross has been permanently banned off Twitch for checking his chat while driving during a livestream.

“This is not good, AT ALL!” Adin Ross fears he may have been permanently banned off Twitch for reading his chat messages during a livestream at a “red light,” however, video shows that his car was, in fact, in motion.

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Adin Ross, a 20-year-old Twitch streamer famously known for his Grand Theft Auto content and collaborating with Corinna Kopf, has been banned off Twitch after his detractors reported for “harmful and dangerous” during a livestream where he briefly checked his phone while driving.

The controversial Twitch streamer fears that the Twitch may be permanent but believes that that he did not violate any rules.

“Just got banned in twitch. I think it’s a permanent guys … this is not good AT ALL. I was at a red light during my IRL [In Real Life] stream and I read chat off of my phone. I am 100% in the wrong I’m so sorry. I don’t know when I’m gonna be back though. I’m shaking right now. I’m so sorry. I feel horrible,” Adin Ross tweeted shortly after his ban.

Clips of the instance has since surfaced online any many people are accusing Adin Ross of lying.

Adin Ross selfie

The clip shows Ross’s vehicle continuing to drive at the speed limit while checking his phone and asking where the chat can hear him. He does not appear to be at, or approaching, a red light. However, Adin only glimpses down at his phone 9 times for a split seconds, while continuing to check the road on a regular intervals. He also does not interact with his phone.

Considering that Adin Ross has been called out for his “toxic fans” by enormous streamers and is considered somewhat of a black sheep in the Twitch community, it is not likely that he will be given reprieve for his fourth ban.

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