Amber Heard’s Australian VISA may be suspended during investigation


Department of Home Affairs can reject Amber Heard’s Australian VISA application for Aquaman 2 filming since she’s under investigation by the government.

Are Warner Bros still considering Amber Heard for the role of Mera in Aquaman 2? Nobody knows… not even Heard herself. However, the 35-year-old actress may not be able to film in Australia due to an ongoing investigation by the Department of Agriculture.

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Australia is one of the most popular locations for filming because of the great weather, long days, and spectacular and diverse locations. Many blockbuster films have been filmed here including Mortal Kombat (2021), The Matrix (1999), Thor: Ragnarok (2017), and even the original Aquaman movie starring Jason Momoa.

Amber Heard had a blast in Australia when she was filming Aquaman in 2017, she even posted a video of herself drunk on red wine and singing “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls at a karaoke bar at the Gold Coast.

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“When you have one glass of red wine and the chair drinks most of it,” Heard captioned the selfie. “Thank you to my Aussie cast/crew for such a fun night out of singing and dancing. It will be forever stained in my memory…but hopefully not these chairs.”

Sadly for Amber, she may not be able to return to Australia this summer to film Aquaman 2 because her VISA application will very likely be rejected by the Australian authorities because of an an ongoing perjury investigation conducted by the Department of Agriculture.

In 2016 Amber Heard smuggled her two Yorkshire terrier dogs into Australia and lied about it. She later lied to the judge when she blamed it on an error made by her former personal assistant. However, during a UK court hearing Heard’s former personal assistant revealed that she was coerced by Ms Heard into lying about the ordeal. Now Ms Heard could face perjury charges in Australia and is currently being investigated by Australian authorities.

“The department is investigating if any criminal offences under Commonwealth legislation have been committed relating to the testimony provided to the High Court in London. Because of the nature of those enquiries we are unable to provide a timeline,” a departmental spokesperson told late last year.

Amber Heard Australia 2017 Aquaman
Image Credit: Amber Heard via Instagram.

The Department of Agriculture may be waiting on new evidence that will be unveiled at Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard defamation suit that will take place in April, 2022, before deciding whether they should file charges against the actress. And, in the meantime, Heard’s Australian VISA could be temporarily suspended.

“The Department of Home Affairs has the right to reject any application if the individual is under an investigation by our government,” a representative told us. “Although we cannot go into the specifics of Ms Heard’s case, it is very much a possibility that VISA application may be put on hold until the investigation is over. It just depends of the severity of the offence.”

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Providing a false document on entry to Australia under the Migration Act is a serious offence that attracts a maximum penalty of 12 months jail and a fine of $10,200. Furthermore, Heard didn’t just lie on her documents, she also lied to the judge and perjury is a far more serious offence and the maximum penalty is 14 years in jail.

Perhaps the ongoing investigation into Amber Heard by the Australian authorities is is the reason why Warner Bros have not confirmed her role in Aquaman 2. Considering that Warner Bros will start filming in late July, Amber Heard will still be under investigation and her Australian VISA application may be rejected.

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