Billy Ray Cyrus accused of grooming young girl from Hannah Montana set


Billy Ray Cyrus accused of grooming Australian singer Firerose who met on set of Hannah Montana when she was only 13-years-young.

People have accused the “Achy Breaky Heart” singer of grooming the young singer known as Firerose because Billy Ray’s girlfriend is younger than his own daughter Miley Cyrus. According to a trending tweet, the couple met on the set of Hannah Montana over a decade ago. This has led to people accusing the American country star of grooming the young singer.

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Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose, who met on the Hannah Montana set, posed for a series of selfies in a tweet that received nearly 161,000 likes.

Billy Ray Cyrus is reportedly engaged to a girl several years younger than Miley whom he met on the Hannah Montana set. “I want to puke and die,” the tweet reads. Also, their use of FaceTune is so weird, what is going on?

Cyrus with 20-year-old Australian girlfriend Firerose.
Billy Ray Cyrus with 20-year-old Australian girlfriend Firerose.

The purported future wife of the country artist goes by the moniker Firerose. The blonde with blue eyes is an Australian singer-songwriter from Sydney.

According to a source, Cyrus, who is 61-years-old, and Firerose had been dating for some time, although they did not begin dating when he was still married. It is reported that the pair grew closer while creating music together. Several news sources claim that the couple is engaged, however neither party has acknowledged the rumour.

When Firerose published a photo of herself and Cyrus with her arm resting on his shoulder, word quickly spread, and people were quick to point out the enormous ring she was wearing.

Billy Ray Cyrus accused of grooming Australian singer.
Billy Ray Cyrus accused of grooming Australian singer girlfriend.

“We actually met 10 years ago on the set of Hannah Montana,” Firerose revaled in an interview on LIVE Kelly and Ryan . “Billy Ray’s been a phenomenal supporter of my music ever since. He’s just really believed in me and continued to tell me to pursue my dreams and not give up no matter what.”

Billy Ray and his now ex-wife Tish divorced in the beginning of the year 2022. While Miley Cyrus is 29, reports place Firerose’s age around in the mid-20s. They appear happy in their social media posts despite the large age gap. Despite this, Twitter users have been highly vocal about their relationship, with some even speculating that Firerose was groomed.

Since the divorce, Billy Ray’s relationship with his own daughter, who is also a global pop phenomenon, Miley Cyrus, has been strained, and according to sources, the two of them no longer communicate with one another.

The latest in well-known celebrity rumours SLOAN, a popular YouTuber, discussed the allegations of grooming on their channel and expressed their opinion that, despite the fact that they find the relationship to be a little bit unusual, they do not believe there is sufficient evidence to prove that he groomed Firerose in any way.

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