Celebrities want THIS YouTuber silenced and banned!


With over 100 million views on his channel and more than 41,000 followers on Instagram, Sloan, a popular YouTube personality and social media gossip content creator, is facing concerns about the possible termination of his channel due to perceived censorship and legal threats.

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In a heartfelt video addressing his fans, Sloan discusses his fears of being “wiped out from the internet”, stating that the situation is “scary” and expresses his disillusionment about the state of free speech.

“I’m finding myself sitting here week after week telling you guys, ‘hey, this could be the last week’. Who really knows? I just have a couple more warnings and I’m done,” Sloan states with palpable frustration.

YouTuber SLOAN exposes bad celebrity behaviour.
YouTuber SLOAN exposes bad celebrity behaviors.

Sloan’s YouTube channel is well-known for its investigative coverage of social media trends, celebrity gossip, and controversial topics. The creator has spent countless hours producing content that has amassed an impressive audience, leading to collaborations with significant partners.

Sloan recently launched a podcast about two months ago, a project he had been preparing for over a year. The new venture faced hurdles, including finding partners and tackling the challenges of producing and distributing a podcast. Despite the difficulties, Sloan is determined to “create a dope show that people want to be a part of” and attract investors.

The YouTuber faced a recent setback when he received a strike on his channel. This situation jeopardized his ability to post content on time, potentially violating his contractual obligations with his partners. This uncertainty, coupled with the fear of his channel’s termination, has understandably caused Sloan considerable stress.

“I’m hurt and I’m stressed. It’s taken me a couple of days to come on here and talk about it because I almost can’t accept that this is happening to me,” Sloan expressed candidly.

SLOAN's selfie
Celebrities want SLOAN silence and banned!

Sloan’s content has always pushed boundaries, hosting discussions with survivors and controversial figures, where they share their takes on various topics. Unfortunately, it seems that this approach may have contributed to his current dilemma.

Despite the challenges, Sloan’s commitment to his channel and his audience is unwavering. His dedication is evident in the sheer volume of content he has produced. “I’ve got close to a thousand videos, maybe over a thousand videos here, so many hours of work.”

Sloan’s ongoing plight raises concerns about the growing issue of censorship on platforms like YouTube, highlighting the challenges creators face when they venture into controversial territories. In the video, Sloan also encourages his followers to share their thoughts and advice on his predicament, reinforcing the community-driven spirit that has been central to his success thus far.

Despite the trials and tribulations, Sloan remains hopeful and is determined to continue creating content for his audience, displaying an admirable resilience. His situation underlines the struggles many content creators face when balancing their creativity with the rules imposed by social media platforms, a topic that remains crucial in the ever-evolving digital era.

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