MrBeast humbled by Twitter user with 30 followers


MrBeast tried to “ratio” a small Twitter user because of his opinion on Chris’s transition but was humbled.

On April 5th, a seemingly innocuous tweet from a small Twitter user named Em_Alpha sparked a discussion that challenged the actions of YouTube sensation MrBeast and his team. The tweet, which garnered nearly 9,000 likes, read: “In a few years, look back at this thread and remember they were never your friends. Only Yes-men cowards. I hope you come out of this safe.” MrBeast responded dismissively, but Em_Alpha remained steadfast in their convictions.

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Em_Alpha’s comments may have been controversial, but they addressed an issue worth examining: the role MrBeast and his team may have played in enabling and even encouraging their friend Chris Tyson to transition during a vulnerable period in his life. While Chris’s decision to transition might be right for some, the circumstances surrounding his choice warrant a closer look.

Chris Tyson, known for his traditionally masculine persona and past mockery of the transgender community, recently announced his divorce from his wife, Katie Tyson. The couple, who have a child together, have been estranged since late 2021. Following a social media hiatus, Chris returned to the public eye as a transgender woman, now using they/them pronouns.

Chris and Katie Tyson with child (before transitioning)
MrBeast humbled by Twitter user with 30 followers

In times of personal crisis, such as the dissolution of a marriage, it is essential for friends to provide support and guidance. However, MrBeast and his team appear to have not only failed to dissuade Chris from making a potentially life-altering decision while in emotional turmoil but also actively encouraged him. Chris’s transition, whether right or wrong for him, should not have been undertaken without serious consideration and support from those closest to him.

Em_Alpha MrBeast tweet
MrBeast humbled by Twitter user with 30 followers

Transitioning can be an irreversible process, and one should not embark on such a journey when their judgment may be clouded by pain and heartache. Real friends often advise against making rash decisions in times of crisis, such as entering a new relationship or making significant financial commitments. In Chris’s case, his friends, including MrBeast, should have helped him reflect on the gravity of his decision and its potential consequences.

Chris from MrBeast sues Twitter user for misgendering them
MrBeast humbled by Twitter user with 30 followers

Unfortunately, it seems MrBeast and his team may have been more focused on the potential for increased viewership and revenue that could result from having a more diverse group. Em_Alpha’s comments, though harsh, highlight the troubling possibility that MrBeast and his associates might view their friends as mere commodities rather than individuals with feelings and needs.

In this instance, MrBeast has been humbled by a Twitter user with just 50 followers. Em_Alpha’s tweet sheds light on the importance of considering the wellbeing of friends and acquaintances, particularly during challenging times. It’s crucial to remember that real friendships extend beyond the realm of social media popularity and financial gain. Genuine friends provide support, guidance, and understanding, regardless of the potential for personal benefit.

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MrBeast humbled by Twitter user with 30 followers

As the conversation surrounding Chris Tyson’s transition continues, it’s essential to remember that compassion and empathy should always be at the forefront of our interactions with others. While it remains to be seen whether Chris’s decision was the right one for him, the situation serves as a poignant reminder of the vital role true friends can play in our lives.

The Twitter exchange between MrBeast and Em_Alpha has revealed some troubling implications about the nature of friendship and support within the world of internet fame. As we consider the impact of these revelations, we must strive to prioritize the emotional wellbeing of our friends and loved ones above all else.

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