Chris from MrBeast sues Twitter user for misgendering them


In the wild world of the internet, it’s not uncommon for celebrities to face online backlash, especially when it comes to personal journeys and life choices. Chris Tyson, the dynamic sidekick from MrBeast’s YouTube channel, is no stranger to this phenomenon. However, the recent social media drama between Chris and a Twitter user named Yoxics has sparked an intriguing debate about defamation and how Chris’s reaction might affect the MrBeast brand.

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It all started when Yoxics tweeted a comparison picture of Chris before and after starting hormone replacement therapy (HRT), with the caption “old Chris would make fun of new Chris.” A bold move, but was it legally defamatory? Let’s examine this a bit further.

The plot thickens when Yoxics shared another tweet, this time featuring a message allegedly from Chris himself. The message threatens a lawsuit for defamation, saying, “Hey Yoxics, I saw this tweet from you today and wanted to say that my lawyers will be in contact with you shortly with a court notice for defamation. I don’t know why you or anyone would tweet so hatred towards anyone on the internet. It’s blatantly disgusting. See you soon 🙂 Don’t be scared now.”

Chris from MrBeast after HRT
Chris from MrBeast sues Twitter user for misgendering them

Now, it’s worth mentioning that defamation involves a false statement that harms someone’s reputation. But Yoxics’ tweet, while certainly controversial and potentially hurtful, doesn’t appear to meet the legal standard of defamation. It’s more of an opinion-based commentary on Chris’s transformation, rather than a statement of fact. So, it seems Chris’s threat of legal action might be a tad misplaced.

Chris later doubled down, tweeting a picture of MrBeast himself with the comment, “my lawyer will be in contact with you immediately.” This move, however, might not be the best look for the MrBeast brand. A crucial part of being in the public eye is learning to navigate the murky waters of social media, and threatening legal action against someone expressing their opinion (albeit a harsh one) can be seen as an overreaction.

Chris Tyson sues
Chris from MrBeast sues Twitter user for misgendering them

While Yoxics’ tweet was undoubtedly edgy and unkind, it doesn’t quite meet the criteria for defamation. Chris Tyson’s response, on the other hand, might raise a few eyebrows when it comes to the MrBeast brand’s image. Sometimes, the best way to deal with online haters is to keep calm, carry on, and let the good vibes speak for themselves.

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