Doja Cat leaks spark hateful body shaming comments


Doja Cat is subjected to harassment and body shaming by internet trolls after topless images of her leak online.

After private Polaroid photographs of the pop diva dancing at her 27th birthday party topless and semi-naked were leaked online, Doja Cat became the target of abuse, harassment, and body shaming from internet trolls who remained anonymous.

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Doja Cat, whose real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini and recently celebrated her 27th birthday party, is a singer and songwriter who is better known by her stage name, Doja Cat.

Doja Cat has always been known for wearing her heart on her sleeve, and she is extremely vulnerable when it comes to criticism, or even comments, about her body image. Doja Cat has released a number of songs in which she discusses her struggles with eating disorders.

Doja with pink hair.
Doja with pink hair.

Doja unashamedly celebrates her natural body in her hit song “Juicy,” which was released in 2019, and all of the imperfections that come along with it, like cellulite and stretch marks.

In 2021, the Kiss Me More singer shared her weight loss story and the positive effect adopting a healthier lifestyle has had on her mental health and self-confidence on an Instagram livestream.

However, remnants of the insecurities caused by her body dysphoria resurfaced when a popular cosmetic specialist and YouTuber, Lori Hill, uploaded a video about Doja Cat’s incredible transformation, stating her professional opinion that the pop star had multiple costly surgeries totaling approximately USD$500,000.

Doja Cat took to Instagram live to accuse Lori Hill of defaming her and attempting to ruin her brand, which she claims has always been about body positivity and natural beauty.

However, Doja Cat’s livestream turned ugly when she started insulting Lori Hill’s looks, occasionally refering to her as a “Jack Skellington b*tch,” a reference to her body type.

“You sit there in you chair talking about how this girl and that girl got this done… B*tch, look at you, you got work to do right now. And I won’t say more,” Doja said, but she had a lot more to say.

Natural beauty.
Doja has natural beauty.

She continued: “You’re welcome for the clout. It’s not good clout, but it’s clout. And it’s what you deserve for making lies up about me.”

Lori Hill apparently saw the livestream because she deleted her video while Doja was broadcasting. Doja boasted about her success while sending Hill an oblique “thank you” for removing the video. Hill acknowledged that she was a passionate Doja admirer and never intended to offend her. She was heartbroken when one of her idols called her out and ridiculed her.

Now Doja Cat finds herself as a target of real trolling and harassment by anonymous internet trolls and there’s very little she can say or do.

A few days ago snaps of a several private Polaroid pictures where Doja Cat is dancing at her 27th birthday party semi-nude and topless leaked online, and random hateful people on the internet are using the opportunity to body shame her.

Doja Cat leaks are mid
Fans defend Doja Cat leaks.

The internet, especially TikTok and Twitter, was inundated with vile and repulsive remarks about Doja Cat’s physique. Fans of Doja banded together to defend the pop artist and call out the misogynist trolls, with some of the comments being too offensive to share.

Fans fire back
#DojaCatleak trends on Twitter.

Although many of Doja’s fans may not have been able to attend her birthday bash in person, they may be happy to learn that Doja Cat truly features in a raunchy adult PC game called Party House as downloadable content (DLC).

According to the official Steam page the Doja Cat expansion pack even allows players to get “intimate” with the singer.

There has been no response from Doja Cat on the topless photo leaks, and the identity of the person who uploaded the private Polaroid photos to the internet is still a mystery.

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