Dream grooming accuser Amanda Lynn goes to the police!


Former Dream fan Amanda gets police involved in grooming allegations after the Minecraft YouTuber accuses her of lying.

Clay, better known by his online alias Dream, a 23-year-old Minecraft YouTuber, has recently replied to two serious allegations of grooming teenage female admirers, with one accuser alleging that she exchanged explicit photos with Clay when she was just 17 years old. Now one of the accusers is threatening to get the police involved.

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Dream stated that while he did communicate with this individual via private messaging, the exchanges were in no way inappropriate. However, he stated that both girls were 18 at the time.

Dream face reveal.
Dream aka Clay face reveal.

“Yesterday, a thread was posted that had screenshots of twitter dms from me from 2020. I believe these dms are real. in these dms, there are no inappropriate comments whatsoever. It was just friendly conversation. In these screenshots, them being 18 years old is mentioned in their bio, and I also very clearly asked them for their age. I did not act inappropriately with this person, and any attempt to equate these messages to grooming is not only disgusting but is insulting to victims who actually experienced grooming and still have trauma as a result,” Dream wrote in his Twitlonger statement.

He also addressed the second allegations made by Amanda Lynn (Aman-Duh!), who claims that the YouTuber groomed her from the age of 16.

He wrote: “The second thread had instagram dms from me, again, having friendly normal conversation and nothing inappropriate. I believe these messages are real as well. Once again, she was 18 years old, says she was 18 years old, and even had a boyfriend while she was friendly with me. This being warped into me being a groomer and the fact that she is and was 18 is scary and sad, and a huge reason as to why it is so hard to interact one on one with anybody online as a creator, especially people from within your communities.

Dream at TwitchCon 2022.
Dream aka Clay at TwitchCon 2022.

“I did not engage inappropriately with her, and anything saying otherwise is completely false. As far as I have seen, she was involved with leaktwt, and so was the first poster’s boyfriend, which seems to be a trend in situations like these. But it’s mostly been contained to their side of the internet other than during big moments (like the face reveal, or major streams / events).

“Having such a deep obsession towards someone to look deeply into their family, friends, and personal life, or making up relationships or friendships in your head is one of the biggest reasons parasocial relationships can become so dangerous. It’s also one of the reasons why creators need to be as responsible as they can be and be careful when they interact with anybody.”

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Fans were quick to point out that he was facilitating so-called “parasocial relationships” by declaring his love for them and adding them to his private Snapchat account. The Minecraft content creator also sold USB drives with baby pictures of himself to his “die-hard” admirers.

Later Dream warned that he intends on taking legal actions against the girls who, he alleges, falsely accused him of grooming them.

“Dream you f**ked up. I am now getting the law involved, the pictures messages everything. Consider one last time telling the truth before I contact the police for receipts of your pictures etc. This is f**king serious sh*t your denying. AND IT HAPPENED. TO ME,” she tweeted.

Amanda Lynn posts picture from police station.
Amanda Lynn posts picture from police station.

Amanda Lynn then posted an update from her local police office with a photo and a message reading: “Doing whats right. Leave me alone. Not using twitter till i have everything I need figured out. Could be days. Be patient. I do not have the power or physical evidence to do anything right now. Its a process. Thank you all for advising me to do whats right.”

Since his accuser, Amanda Lynn, uploaded a photo of herself at the police station, Dream has not commented. According to individuals close to the alleged victim, she is attempting to get additional proof that she was groomed with police assistance.

As the offence occurred within the statute of limitations, Dream could be required to register as a sexual offender if convicted.

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