Ethan Klein banned for 1 week on YouTube for Ben Shapiro comment


“I hope Ben gets gassed first,” H3H3 Podcast host, Ethan Klein, banned for 1 week anti-Semitic threat against conservative pundit.

Ethan Klein wished death on conservative Jewish pundit Ben Shapiro during a controversial livestream where he insisted that the Daily Wire reporter would be gassed in the next Holocaust. Following backlash the video was taken down by YouTube and Ethan Klein received a strike and was banned for 1 week.

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Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker, Klein’s friend and fellow podcast co-host, confirmed that Ethan received a strike and a one-week ban from YouTube for his anti-Semitic remarks about Ben Shapiro.

During a contentious broadcast, Ethan Klein stated that he hoped Ben Shapiro, a Jewish conservative political journalist, will be the first to be gassed in the next Holocaust. Some thought Klein’s remark was a death threat veiled as a joke aimed at Shaprio.

Klein responded by calling Shapiro a snowflake and accused him of sending his “white supremacist” supporters to mass report his channel.

Ben Shapiro.
Ben Shapiro.

“A few white supremacists successfully lobbied YouTube to suspend me, a Jewish dual citizen of Israel & USA, for anti-semitism. Ben Shapiro & friends can virtue signal all they want but ultimately they are the ones platforming dangerous anti-semites. All I did was point it out,” Ethan Klein tweeted.

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He continued: “Our current lawsuits with Ryan Kavanaugh seeks to accomplish the same. I will not back down or be silenced by bad faith provocateurs. I make no apology. As Ben Shapiro says, facts don’t care about your feelings. If only he meant it.”

Ben Shapiro responded with evidence that, despite being a dual citizen of Israel, Klein holds anti-Semitic views.

Klein does not support Israel and is pro Palestine.

Neo-liberal and socialist Twitch streamer Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker downplayed Ethan Klein’s comments by calling them a “little spicy.”

“Of course he got a strike for it because conservatives love outrage,” Piker said in a response to Ethan Klein’s YouTube ban during his livestream. He accused Shapiro and his friends of “weaponising” the comment and campaigning to get him banned.

Ethan Klein will be able to return to both the H3H3 and Leftovers podcast before the end of the month.

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