Hollywood Composer Exposes Industry After Seeing Sound of Freedom


Veteran Hollywood composer, Stephen Hilton, opens up about dark side of the industry after seeing Sound of Freedom.

Renowned Hollywood composer, Stephen Hilton, known for his significant contributions to films such as Quantum of Solace (2008), Hot Fuzz (2007), and The Predator (2018), has taken to the internet to voice unsettling allegations about the underbelly of Hollywood. Hilton, a veteran of the industry with over two decades of experience, shared these revelations in a viral video.

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Hilton pulls no punches, labeling Hollywood as “corrupt AF.” He speaks of a concerning ideological shift that echoes the notorious Aleister Crowley’s mantra of “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” Hilton sees this “do whatever you want” ethos as deeply embedded within the industry.

Of significant concern, Hilton discusses purported practices that, he suggests, are tantamount to child sacrifice. Hilton refrains from providing names due to legal reasons but implies that such activities could involve prominent industry figures.

Supporting his allegations, Hilton draws attention to a BBC article documenting instances of African children being smuggled into the UK for blood rituals. He posits that a similar scenario could be occurring within Hollywood circles. The primary motivation, according to Hilton, is the quest for adrenochrome, a compound thought to possess rejuvenating properties and believed by some to be released during intense fear.

Further, Hilton argues that a neo-progressive agenda promoting an excessive degree of tolerance could be enabling such practices. This socio-political movement, Hilton suggests, is infiltrating schools and workplaces and may be pushing society towards a tipping point.

Stephen Hilton Hollywood composer
Hollywood Composer Exposes Industry After Seeing Sound of Freedom

Fully aware of the potential consequences of his statements, Hilton insists that being visible and vocal offers a level of safety. He calls on those in agreement with his stance to rally behind him. Despite the risks, Hilton feels he is in a unique position to champion this cause.

Hilton lauds the recent release of Sound of Freedom, an independent film he believes shines a light on some of the dark practices he’s spoken about. He hopes such films will encourage more people to question mainstream narratives and seek truth from independent sources.

Hollywood's Unexpected Blockbuster: Sound of Freedom
Hollywood Composer Exposes Industry After Seeing Sound of Freedom

While Hilton’s allegations remain unverified, they highlight the necessity for comprehensive scrutiny and investigation into Hollywood’s darker side. According to Hilton, increased transparency and open dialogue are paramount to unveil any possible abuses of power within the industry. As society continues to grapple with these unsettling revelations, the push for a more ethical and truthful Hollywood becomes even more urgent.

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