#NoJohnnyNoPirates trends: Disney is listening!


The ship’s wheel is rumored to be in Johnny Depp’s grasp, and the course of the ‘Pirates’ franchise hinges on whether he’s ready to hoist the Jolly Roger once again!

Hollywood is buzzing with anticipation and the internet is ablaze as beloved yet controversial actor Johnny Depp makes a resounding return to cinema. After his triumphant performance as King Louis in the movie Jeanne Du Barry, premiered at Cannes Film Festival in May 2023, his name is trending on Twitter with hashtags like #NoJohnnyNoPirates and #Depp, signaling an eager demand for his return to Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

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Depp’s captivating portrayal in Jeanne Du Barry has been met with glowing reviews, with critics and audiences alike praising his performance. This marks a significant turning point for the actor, whose public image was marred by high-profile legal battles and allegations of abuse by ex-wife Amber Heard. The unfolding legal drama was met with widespread media attention and public interest, but in the end, the evidence presented by Depp’s attorneys and devoted fans shone a new light on his situation.

This substantial shift in public sentiment has served to improve Depp’s image significantly. The Hollywood pariah, once shunned amidst swirling controversy, is now emerging as a phoenix rising from the ashes. Meanwhile, Heard, who levelled the accusations against Depp, has reportedly fled to Spain. Rumors of her unruly behavior and blacklisting by major Hollywood studios further fuel the narrative of Depp’s vindication.

Jeanne Du Barry
#NoJohnnyNoPirates trends: Disney is listening!

But while Depp’s stellar comeback in Jeanne Du Barry has delighted fans, it’s the potential return to his iconic role as the roguish Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise that is generating the most excitement. His performance in the franchise has been widely hailed as a key element of its global success, with his character’s eccentricities and wild adventures capturing the hearts of viewers around the world.

Disney, which previously maintained an ambiguous stance on Depp’s involvement in the franchise, has recently begun to hint at the possibility of his return. In a recent interview with the New York Times, Sean Bailey, the head of Disney’s live-action remakes division, addressed the topic of Depp’s future in the franchise. He kept his comments vague, yet hopeful, suggesting that Depp’s return to the franchise was not entirely off the table.

Johnny Depp return
#NoJohnnyNoPirates trends: Disney is listening!

Amidst the speculation, social media is echoing with fan support for Depp. The trending hashtags #NoJohnnyNoPirates and #Depp reflect a substantial public desire to see him return to the high seas as Captain Jack Sparrow. Despite the past controversies surrounding the actor, it appears that a significant portion of the franchise’s fanbase is rallying behind Depp’s reinstatement.

As we celebrate Depp’s applauded performance in Jeanne Du Barry, one question remains: Will we see him don the tricorn hat and brandish the cutlass as Captain Jack Sparrow once again? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for certain: Depp’s journey is far from over, and his rising star in Hollywood is testament to his enduring appeal and exceptional talent.

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