Pokimane harassed by simps after posting raunchy picture on Twitter


After sharing a sexy and raunchy photo to Twitter, Pokimane receives thousands of inappropriate messages from simps.

Pokimane has been posting a bit raunchier content than usual on her Twitter and her simp fan-base is spamming her with inappropriate messages. Does she have one of the most toxic fan-bases on Twitch?

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Imane Anys, Twitch streamer better known as Pokimane, had a girls-day-out with her close friend and fellow Canadian egirl buddy xChocoBars.

The couple appeared to have enjoyed a delightful fairy-themed lunch. They spread out blankets on the grass in an unidentified garden and added a bouquet of flowers and a picnic basket for decoration.

Both Pokimane and xChocoBars donned pink lace dresses that were identical to one another, and both of them had lovely and adorable fairy wings in a colour that matched their dresses.

Poki and xChocoBars fairies
Pokimane and xChocoBars in sexy secret garden fairy themed photoshoot.

The fact that only a few pictures were shared on Pokimane’s social media accounts, despite the incredible setting and the amount of work that would have gone into planning this event, led her simp fans to believe that there might be more pictures, some of which are racy. This was especially the case when taking into consideration the fact that one of the photos she shared was quite risque for someone like Pokimane.

Raunchy Pokimane "almost" upskirt photo.
Raunchy Pokimane “almost” upskirt photo.

There was one photograph from the scene with the fairy motif that seemed to be out of place. Pokimane can be seen in the picture in question seated on a bench with her pink lace gown riding high up her leg. She has a fist pressed to her cheek and is peering attentively into the lens of the photographer. In addition, the camera is positioned so that it is gazing up at Pokimane from the ground, almost as if it were meant to suggest that an upskirt photo was being taken.

Thousands of simps took to the Twitch star’s Twitter and left inappropriate and sometimes even grotesque comments.

Some others, assuming that Pokimane may have taken sexually explicit photographs, offered her money in exchange for the entire collection of photographs.

Others posted images of themselves engaging in activities that are not appropriate for work or school that they considered to be “tributes” to the photo.

Others simply submitted explicit memes and declared their lust for Pokimane in the comments section.

However, the vast majority of comments were simps expressing their undying love for Pokimane, telling her how long they’ve been tier 3 subscribers and how much they’ve donated.


Did Pokimane and xChocoBars plan this fairy-themed photoshoot for their boyfriends, or was this just some kind of promotional event for a sponsor? We’ll likely never know.

Pokimane is one of, if not the, biggest girl-power Twitch streamers on the platform. She has over 9 million followers which is 10 times more than her Canadian friend xChocoBars.

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