Pokimane Plans an Intervention Because Mizkif is on Rumble


Pokimane is offended and shocked because her friend Mizkif is uploading his content to YouTube alterative site Rumble.

In a startling rant during a recent livestream, Twitch streamer Pokimane took aim at her friend Mizkif for his decision to branch out onto Rumble, a YouTube alternative. The tirade, where she openly mocked Rumble and Mizkif’s motives, ignited a debate on the political nuances of content sharing platforms and the principles of free speech.

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News of Mizkif joining Rumble came to Pokimane during her livestream. Despite pretending not to know what Rumble was, she quickly branded it as a “right-wing ‘free speech’ YouTube clone,” seemingly belittling the platform that has been gaining significant traction since its launch.

Rumble is not only a haven for the likes of Mark Dice, Project Veritas, and Dinesh D’Souza, but it has also attracted other well-known Twitch streamers, such as LeafyIsHere, Destiny, IShowSpeed, and Kai Cenat, and is growing in popularity for gamers.

LeafyIsHere, a controversial figure known for his no-holds-barred commentary, has found a welcome audience on Rumble. Destiny, the pioneering Twitch streamer known for his political debates, has also expanded his reach to the platform. IShowSpeed, the high-energy streamer known for his outlandish reactions, and Kai Cenat, famous for his engaging ‘story-time’ videos, have both joined the ranks of Rumble, broadening their audiences.

These diverse content creators enjoy the platform’s promise of less censorship, aligning with both conservatives and liberals who feel limited by YouTube’s increasingly strict policies.

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Pokimane Plans an Intervention Because Mizkif is on Rumble

In an odd turn of events, Pokimane insinuated that Mizkif was joining Rumble purely for financial gain, stating, “Umm. I mean, he obviously did it for money which is unfortunate… because he doesn’t need money.” The irony is hard to miss, considering Pokimane’s own contentious views on capitalism and her significant wealth amassed through streaming, merchandise sales, sponsorships, and other business ventures.

The seeming contradiction between her multi-million dollar net worth and her anti-capitalism rhetoric has drawn criticism. Does her rebuke of Mizkif’s decision to expand to Rumble not reek of hypocrisy?

Content creators should be lauded, not shamed, for diversifying their platforms. It guarantees a safety net against sudden policy changes or technical issues on a particular platform and amplifies their reach. It aligns perfectly with the principles of capitalism and freedom that underscore the digital age.

Pokimane Plans an Intervention Because Mizkif is on Rumble

As Twitch streamers like LeafyIsHere, Destiny, IShowSpeed, and Kai Cenat, among others, branch out to platforms like Rumble, the politicization of platform choices becomes a concerning trend. It threatens to hinder content creators from utilizing all potential avenues to connect with their audiences.

Tthe controversy around Pokimane’s reaction to Mizkif’s move to Rumble shines a light on a larger issue. The clash between personal political beliefs and the practical necessities of operating within a capitalist ecosystem is an enduring challenge for digital content creators.

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