Pregnant Twitch streamer lost baby after severe TwitchCon injury


Twitch streamer, Adriana Chechik, revealed that she was pregnant when she suffered a severe injury at the foam pit at TwitchCon.

It is quite heartbreaking. Adriana Chechik, a former adult model who now streams full-time on Twitch, disclosed that she was pregnant when she broke her back while jumping in the foam pit at TwitchCon and, tragically, lost her baby owing to the necessity for extensive surgery.

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Adriana Chechik attended TwitchCon to meet up with her fans and other Twitch streamers. Sadly, her attendance was cut short after the 30-year-old was rushed to hospital after suffering a life changing injury at the event.

Adriana celebrated her victory in a friendly game of Gladiator Joust at the Intel x Lenovo booth at TwitchCon 2022 by star jumping into the foam pit. Unfortunately, the foam pit was too shallow, and she suffered severe injuries when she landed on her bottom on the hard concrete floor.

Adriana back brace
Pregnant Twitch streamer, Adriana Chechik breaks her back at TwitchCon.

The Twitch streamer attempted to get out of the foam pit but was unable to move, and once the surge of adrenaline wore off, she felt the pain of her injuries. Adriana had broken her back in several places and needed to be transported to the hospital for emergency surgery.

She took to Twitter to update her fans on the severity of her injury: “Well, I broke my back in two places and am getting surgery to put a metre rod in for support today.”

Adriana, on the other hand, was not yet ready to disclose, let alone deal with, one fact: she had lost her baby that tragic day.

“I don’t care if anybody knows but I was pregnant,” Adriana Chechik said on her last livestream. “I didn’t find out until I was in the hospital.”

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She continued: “I am not pregnant anymore because of the surgery. I couldn’t keep it.”

Legal experts have advised Adriana to take legal action against Intel and Lenovo and sue them for damages caused by negligence.

“There’s a narrative going around that Adriana can’t sue because she signed a waiver […] However, generally you cannot waive negligence.

Sue TwitchCon
Adriana Chechik can sue Twitch, Lenovo and Intel.

“What does that mean, well, if you’re a premises owner and you have a foam pit, and that foam pit, and if that foam pit is not designed to handle the impact of somebody falling or jumping into the foam pit, to me, that’s negligence.

“Whatever you put in that waiver, generally, should not be able to absolve you of that negligence. If I was Adriana I would absolutely consult with a lawyer because she has a case against Twitch and the premises owner,” the legal expert concluded.

Although it is unclear if the venue owner, Twitch, or the booth hosts, Intel and Lenovo, are liable for Adriana Chechik’s damages, most attorneys feel that she has a case.

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