Socialist Twitch streamer Neekolul celebrates Gucci partnership


Socialist, Bernie Sanders, supporting Twitch streamer Nicole ‘Neekolul’ Sanchez is thrilled to announce her groups partnership with high-end fashion tycoon Gucci.

Nicole ‘Neekolul’ Sanchez is living the life of luxury with million dollar brand deals, luxury condos, high-end cars and expensive fashion — but don’t worry, she’s still a socialist! Neeko adds Gucci to the list of sponsors paying her.

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“Having a couple of million dollars doesn’t make you rich,” Neekolul said afte rbeing criticised for flaunting her 2 million dollar Austin, Texas luxury condo. The 23-year-old Twitch streamer had previously made some pretty far-left leaning statements about capitalism and greed. She’s even used the phrase of a communist revolutionary “eat the rich” to protest capitalism and often wears shirts promoting far-left political ideologies.

Now Neekolul has found herself of a bit of a capitalist icon as she’s earning millions of brand deals and Amazon Twitch ad revenue. Despite having many millions in the bank, BMW gave her a brand new 2022 BMW M4 Sports Convertible worth up to $150K. She even did a small modeling shoot where she wore matching colours and branded herself and her little white teddy bear with the BMW logo.

But perhaps that was just a favour for her boyfriend because, as anyone who watches her streams knows, he is a huge fan of BMW. Neekolul accidentally melted the keys to his BMW M3 while making a TikTok video and he was not very happy about that.

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Surely he is now that he has a brand spanking new BMW worth more than most people’s homes! Neekolul, on the other hand, likes cute and fashionable items. She fancies herself as a bit of fashionista.

During the $2 million apartment tour videom, the socialist Twitch streamer, Neekolul, boasted about loving to spend money on clothes because she likes “looking cute,” Neekolul has two whole closets filled from wall-to-wall with expensive designer wear worth more than a small suburban home. Her fans have even called her out on not donating any of the old expensive outfits she no longer wears to charity.

Neekolul was ecstatic to announce the partnership between Gucci and her group 100 thieves and called it a “an amazing milestone for gaming.”

“Drawing on the shared values of freedom and self-expression, the House unveils its latest foray into the world of esports through a collaboration with apparel, lifestyle and gaming brand 100 Thieves,” the official Gucci brand tweeted this morning.

The deal will likely be a limited time 100 Thieves x Gucci branded merchandise, including bags of money for their members and exclusive high-end fashion items for them to sport during their livestreams.

Gucci, theItalian luxury brand of fashion and leather goods, has not yet disclosed any more details of the partnership with 100 Thieves.

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