Spanish Prime Video banned off Twitch for fake flash, Amouranth not


Twitch TV banned the official Spanish Amazon Prime Video account because they pretended to flash their bras at the end of the stream. By that standard, Amouranth should be be permanently banned.

The official Spanish Prime Video Twitch channel received a temporary ban yesterday for simulated flashing. Two of the female hosts of the live event pretended to flash but were hit with a short ban shortly after. Ban leaves people confused as to why Amouranth is then still allowed on the platform?


The Spanish Prime Video Twitch channel was hit with a one day ban on December 16th, only they didn’t flash. Two of the hosts jokingly threatened to flash the broadcaster to end the stream knowing that it was against the platform’s Terms of Service.

One of the female hosts lifted her shirt to reveal her stomach, while the other drew her top down to reveal some cleavage. People initially thought they saw a nip-slip from the second hostess, but some claim it is just the tip of the thumb that appears to be the areola.

Twitch Ad Apocalypse: Amouranth forces hands of advertisers
Amouranth rides a banana in NSFW Twitch stream (not banned).

While it is fair-game of Twitch to enforce the rules evenly across the board, going so far as temporarily banning their own staff members, what the Prime Video staff did pales in comparison to what Amouranth does nearly every stream, and her account is in good standing.

Twitch once suspended her account and removed advertisements because she was abusing the Terms of Service by exploiting a loophole that allowed her to stream in bikinis and underwear. Twitch, on the other hand, later restored ads on her account without explanation.

During her livestreams, Amouranth would moan into a microphone and grind against phallic inflatable objects. She is almost always naked, and she clearly uses the platform to sell her body and promote her OnlyFans account.

A lawyer contacted us earlier this year, outraged that Amouranth had used Twitch’s subscriber services to promote her OnlyFans account to his underage son.

Prime Video ES hosts pretend to flash on Twitch stream and get banned.
Prime Video ES hosts pretend to flash on stream and get banned.

“I was absolutely livid. I shouted at my son and accused him of using my credit card without my strict permission. That’s when he told me that someone gifted him the subscription. When I looked at his profile I saw a ‘gifted subscriptions’ under his profile. He wasn’t lying,” he added.

He continued: “All I did was Google search Amouranth and I was bombarded with hundreds of inappropriate images of an adult woman called Kaitlyn Siragusa. She had also sent a direct message to my son promoting her OnlyFans account.”

Apparently somebody had gifted his son with a subscription because he was already following and that’s why he received a direct message from Amouranth. However, promoting adult services via Twitch’s platform is against Terms of Service yet she was not banned for the infringement.

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