TikTok Teen Girl Faces 10-Years in Prison Filming S*x with Dog


A 19-year-old Mississippi woman, Denise Frazier, has been arrested after a video allegedly showing her having s*xual intercourse with a dog went viral on social media. The shocking video was shared via Snapchat and later flagged by a local resident who alerted the authorities. If convicted, Frazier could face up to 10 years in prison for ‘unnatural intercourse.’

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On TikTok, where Frazier goes by the name “Bad Bitch,” she uses her full legal name as her username, denisefrazier619. Although she has less than 2,500 followers on the platform, her videos have garnered significant attention since her arrest, with some reaching over 50,000 views. Frazier frequently features her dogs in her TikTok videos, often dancing provocatively and twerking in front of them.

Comments on her TikTok videos have been mostly negative since the news broke, with people writing things like, “hope u look good in orange!” and “smh life in prison.” Others have expressed concern for her mental health, with one user commenting, “People are gonna joke and clown you, but this is seriously insane. You need serious, serious treatment.”

Denise Frazier (@denisefrazier619 on TikTok), 19, arrested for shocking dog video.
Denise Frazier (denisefrazier619 on TikTok), 19-year-old girl, arrested for shocking dog video.

Frazier has reportedly admitted to engaging in s*xual intercourse with an animal in the video. However, she claims she was forced into committing the act and has received payments for similar videos. The Laurel Leader-Call reports that Frazier told police she was “threatened to do it” and that “people pay [her]” for the content.

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Sergeant JD Carter of the Jones County Sheriff’s Department described the case as one of the most disturbing he has encountered in his 17 years in law enforcement. The JCSD is currently in possession of several graphic videos related to the case, which they are not at liberty to release or discuss.

Frazier has been booked into the Jones County Adult Detention Facility on charges of animal cruelty and unnatural intercourse. Her bond was set at $25,000 during her first court appearance, and she has been ordered by a judge to stay away from animals until after her trial.

TikTok teen girl dog vvideo
Denise Frazier (denisefrazier619 on TikTok), 19-year-old girl, arrested for shocking dog video.

Animal cruelty in Mississippi is penalized with up to six months in prison and a fine, while unnatural intercourse could result in up to 10 years behind bars. The authorities are still investigating whether there is more evidence and if additional videos may have been filmed in other counties.

The dogs were seized from Frazier’s residence and taken to a local animal hospital. One of the dogs, a German shepherd, was referred to as a “service dog” by Frazier.

In a TikTok video, Frazier addressed rumors that she was circulating videos of her abusing her dogs. She attempted to dismiss the allegations but did not outright deny them.

The case has shocked the local community and raised questions about the impact of social media on the dissemination of disturbing and illegal content. As Frazier awaits trial, the conversation surrounding this case will likely continue to evolve.

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