Twitch exposed for sexism for allowing egirl to have s*x on stream


A little egirl broadcaster was banned for one week for being intoxicated and engaging in live s*x on Twitch, while a black streamer was banned for life for making fun of Pokimane.

Many are criticising Twitch for not enforcing its rules or giving out punishment consistently or equitably when an egirl Kimmikka got drunk and deliberately had s*x on livestream and only received a one-week ban, but others have received considerably worse punishments for lesser infractions.

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Kimmikka, a female streamer, was banned on August 24 for having live s*x during one of her shows. While the tape did not overtly depict any body parts, the sexual activity was visible in the window reflection.

During the activity, the streamer could also be heard moaning and making lewd gestures.

The focus of the camera was entirely on her face while the couple drank booze. Soon after, her facial expressions began to alter, provoking suspicion in the comments.

Kimmikka was banned shortly after the clip went viral forcing Twitch to act and temporarily suspend the streamer for nudity and sexually explicit content or activities. However, many people were shocked to find out that the suspension was only for 7 days.

Kimmikka receives one-week ban.

The event has prompted several people to accuse Twitch of obvious sexism. Male broadcasters who have made offensive remarks or acted in a misogynistic manner have earned one-month to permanent bans, however Twitch appears to turn a blind eye to female streamers who breach the platform’s Terms of Service and often gives them a lighter punishment.

A popular YouTuber and Partnered Twitch streamer known as JiDion received a permanent ban for calling Pokiman a “thot” and getting his fans to spam “L + Ratio” in her chat. Despite making a formal apology for the event and even making amends with Pokimane, Twitch staff refused to reinstate his account.

Narcissa threat.
Narcissa threat.

Narcissa Wright, a transgender female broadcaster who threatened to shoot Twitch employees at their headquarters, had her permanent ban overturned when she apologised on Twitter.

Kimmikka will undoubtedly get a large number of new fans and subscribers following the conclusion of her short ban, since the video went viral.

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