Why Were So Many Twitch Streamers Attacked During TwitchCon 2023 in Paris?


Live streaming is a very popular activity in the world, so much so that Twitch organizes its own yearly gaming convention. This year was their 3rd in Europe and 9th in overall. But, the latest one in Paris marked a very unexpected and dangerous activity following certain attacks from the locals.

As you may know, there have been massive riots in Paris over the past few weeks. This made many Twitch fans question the safety of TwitchCon 2023. 

Incidents at TwitchCon 2023

There were several verbal and physical assaults at TwitchCon 2023 that indicate how low the safety was at the convention. Here we will mention just a few of them just to give you an idea.

A German Twitch streamer Sebastian, better known as EinSebastian, was conducting IRL and Just Chatting streams from Paris. He was documenting his travels and experiences at the convention. But, on July 9 he faced trouble when he accidentally filmed two men walking on the street.

TwitchCon Paris, 2023
Why Were So Many Twitch Streamers Attacked During TwitchCon 2023 in Paris?

They seemed very annoyed as they thought the streamer was putting the focus on them. One of the men charged towards Sebastian, which made the camera cut to black. When the stream came back, the content creator was running and saying repeatedly that he deleted the footage.

Next up, we have streamer and bodybuilder Knut, who is another assault victim during TwitchCon 2023. But this one was much more serious, as the streamer revealed that the attacker had a knife.

The alleged attacker seemed uncomfortable being on camera. However, Knut made a smart move when he decided not to film him at all. During their argument, the streamer peacefully settled the conversation, which ended without anyone getting hurt.

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Why Were So Many Twitch Streamers Attacked During TwitchCon 2023 in Paris?

One streamer named breakJstream went for a walk and while crossing a street a few people started yelling at him. He was too filming with a camera, after which he pointed it down and switched to the front camera.

The pedestrians approach him with a super aggressive tone and even punch him several times on the shoulder. They demanded that breakJstream put his streaming gear down. 

Helpless as he was, the streamer entered a nearby McDonald’s, but the attackers decided to wait for him outside. He asked the manager to call the police, which she did. The police then escorted him safely back to his hotel.


These incidents, as well as everything that has been going on in Paris, indicate that the city isn’t safe at the moment. We are sure that the attackers assaulted the streamers because they were intentionally or unintentionally filming their faces. Gaming community experts expect Twitch not to host the event in Paris anymore in the future.

The rioters in this country are causing a lot of trouble and breaking a lot of laws. They don’t want to appear in front of a camera because of that and will get into bigger trouble just to remain unknown.

There lies the answer to why the locals were assaulting the streamers at TwitchCon 2023. Luckily, there weren’t any serious injuries from these attacks.

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