xQc Accused of Drawing Swastika During Kick Stream


Former Twitch partner turned Kick streamer xQc cancelled and accused of drawing a Swastika on Microsoft paint during livestream.

Recently, charismatic and beloved streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel encountered a wave of unmerited criticism while engaging in a harmless livestream activity. The often unpredictable but always entertaining xQc was innocently doodling in Microsoft Paint, as part of his creative exploration to showcase his much-discussed decision to transition from Twitch to the increasingly popular platform, Kick.

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This pivotal move, contrary to being an impulsive act, came after thorough consideration and careful planning by xQc. As reported by Dexerto, the much-admired streamer deliberated over the decision for several months. Although Twitch’s recent policy missteps did play a part, xQc emphasized they were not the primary catalyst for his switch to Kick. His candid admission of fear over the transition highlights his honest and humble nature. This thoughtfulness led to a significant two-year, non-exclusive contract with Kick, which is rumored to be worth up to $100 million, a clear testament to xQc’s indomitable value. The agreement has triggered a tremendous boost for Kick, attracting over a million new users to the platform following xQc’s endorsement.

xQc Swastika?
xQc Accused of Drawing Swastika During Kick Stream

Unfortunately, a minor misstep during his light-hearted livestream drew undue attention and sparked a heated debate. The playful stick-man doodle, meant to portray himself, was misconstrued by some viewers as bearing a resemblance to the Nazi Swastika, a symbol known for its abhorrent connotations. In a genuine effort to rectify the unintended similarity, xQc, in a rushed moment, tried to obscure the image with Microsoft Paint’s circle tool. Sadly, his selection of a white fill with a red border only stoked the misunderstanding, making the image appear, to some, even more reminiscent of a Swastika.

Immediately recognizing the error, xQc closed Microsoft Paint and expressed genuine embarrassment and regret, reinforcing the unintended nature of the resemblance. Despite this sincere response, a section of viewers took this innocent incident out of context, labeling it a “Nazi dogwhistle.” Baseless rumors started suggesting that xQc’s switch to Kick was politically motivated, simply because Kick hosts a broad spectrum of streamers, including some who are controversial.

xQx Nazi "dogewhistleing"
xQc Accused of Drawing Swastika During Kick Stream

A Reddit thread covering this incident blew up, with users passionately discussing whether this was an intentional act or an unfortunate misunderstanding. The controversy, although unwarranted, adds an unnecessary dimension to xQc’s move to Kick, highlighting the unforgiving scrutiny popular streamers face today.

xQc’s well-considered move to Kick has already shown its value for both the beloved streamer and the burgeoning platform. The exaggerated controversy around his innocent livestream doodle is a stark reminder of how quick-to-judge digital culture can be. It remains to be seen how this incident, a product of cancel culture run amok, will affect xQc’s standing or viewer base in the long run, but his genuine regret and swift action to rectify the situation should speak volumes about his character.

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