Did VICE use employee to pretend to be Tate victim “Sally”?


Insider alleges that unnamed Tate victim “Sally” in VICE documentary is in-house reporter Sophia Smith Galer.

Earlier this month we received an anonymous tip from someone claiming to work at VICE alleging that unnamed victim “Sally” is, in fact, Sophie Smith Galer, a well respected and award-winning journalist from the UK. Why would she risk her career to ruin Andrew Tate?

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We receive many anonymous tips every month. Some are credible and others are obviously bogus. While we did our own investigating and found some interesting things, we initially decided not to publish the rumour because of the severity of the allegations levied at Andrew Tate.

In the aftermath of the recent events involving motivational speaker, Andrew Tate, a story of another sort has emerged from the shadows. It is the tale of a supposed victim known only as “Sally” from a recent VICE documentary that has sparked a whirlwind of speculation and intrigue. This enigmatic figure, whose claims of coercion, abuse, and exploitation have thrust her into the spotlight, has set tongues wagging.

Andrew Tate arrested
Andrew Tate arrested and detained indefinitely without charge.

In January we received an email from someone claiming to have worked at VICE in the UK. It read:

“I am 99% convinced that the anonymous victim known only as ‘Sally’ in the documentary is Sophia Smith Galer. She’s a well known journalist here in the UK and also works for VICE, just Google here.

“Around the time they were filming the documentary I saw Sophia and Matt [Matt Shae] talking a lot. I wasn’t part of the production team, so I can’t confirm, but after watching this I just know it’s her.

“It sounds like she is putting on a fake chav accent and pretending to be stupid. In all honesty, it sickens me. She is making fun of real victims!”

Who is Sophia Smith Galer?

The name “Sally” has not escaped the attention of an anonymous source who claimed to work at VICE. This individual alleges that the mystery woman is none other than Sophia Smith Galer, a highly respected, award-winning journalist based in the United Kingdom. The source implies that Smith Galer would take a tremendous risk to defame Andrew Tate, a notion that seems at odds with the journalist’s reputation and accomplishments.

Smith Galer’s official website lists her as a Senior News Reporter for VICE World News, a Visiting Fellow at Brown University, and a multi-award-winning author and TikTok creator with over 130 million views. She has been shortlisted for the Health Journalist of the Year award at the British Press Awards, was included in the Forbes under 30 list, and named as one of the 25 most influential women in the UK by British Vogue. Smith Galer’s book, Losing It: Sex Education for the 21st Century, was published to critical acclaim and was recognized for her trailblazing efforts in using TikTok as a newsgathering and publishing platform.

The question remains, why would Smith Galer, who has made a name for herself in the field of sexual and reproductive health rights, risk her reputation by appearing in a Vice documentary under a false identity? It is possible that she feels supported by the mainstream media, and sees Andrew Tate as an easy target. Her recent TikTok videos, mostly about Tate, abortion and women’s reproductive rights, may add fuel to the fire of speculation. In one video, Smith Galer commented on Tate’s ban from Instagram and YouTube, stating that platforms should do more to prevent anyone from talking about or making content about him.

But is Sophia Smith Galer the mysterious “Sally”? The answer remains elusive, hidden behind the veil of anonymity that Vice has maintained to protect the identity of their star witness. It is challenging to draw any firm conclusions, especially when a wig and theatrical tears appear to be part of the performance. The production team even went so far as to try to conceal the wig behind the subject’s jacket. The tears, which seem staged for effect, do not appear to be a natural response to the ordeals described in the documentary.

Documentary discrepancies.

In the recent interview with Sally, several inconsistencies in her appearance have been noted by observers.

First, it has been observed that Sally is wearing a wig that looks unnatural and bunches at the ends, reminiscent of dreadlocks. The production team has tried to conceal it behind her jacket.

Sophia Smith Gelar wig.
Obviously a wig.

Furthermore, the crying exhibited by Sally seems to be staged and unlikely to be evoked by the story she is sharing. The tears are seen running down the middle of her neck and the absence of wiping them away raises suspicions of their authenticity.

The blurred tattoo on Sally’s left wrist, briefly seen in the interview, appears to be a poorly drawn heart with a pen and not professionally done. There is also a suspicious blur on her right wrist.

Sally's fake tattoo clearly visible.
Sally’s fake tattoo clearly visible.

The white scars on Sally’s right wrist, initially visible in the interview, fade as she rests her wrist against the sofa. This raises questions about their authenticity as self-harm scars.

Finally, Sally’s outfit of a mismatched white t-shirt and a fake leather jacket with over-sized zippers seems to be a deliberate choice made by the costume department, not a personal outfit choice.

Is “Sally” Sophia?

The veil of mystery shrouds the identity of the person in the VICE interview. The face is concealed, yet telltale signs such as scars and tattoos are left in plain view, begging to be deciphered.

Was it an attempt to keep the person’s true identity hidden? Or was it a calculated effort to mask someone known to the media company? The speculation mounts, with a possibility that a VICE employee, with a deep-seated grudge against Andrew Tate, may be behind the disguise.

The veracity of the mysterious individual referred to as “Sally” being Sophia Smith Gellar remains unprovable, hence a neutral stance of “we don’t know” would be the most prudent answer. However, if the individual does reveal their identity and prove to be a legitimate victim, they will receive our unwavering support.

The assertion by VICE that they are safeguarding “Sally’s” identity to protect her from potential harassment by supporters of Andrew Tate seems flawed, as it is more likely that those who speak out in favor of Tate would face backlash. This makes it reasonable to trust the accounts of several women who have publicly confirmed their former employment under Tate and attest to his innocence. The official reports depict them as victims of the Tate brothers, but they contend that they were never subjected to mistreatment and continue to harbor positive relationships with them.

Editorial Disclaimer: Any individuals mentioned in this article are to be treated with respect and not subjected to harassment. The source who communicated with us is unable to demonstrate with certainty the identity of the individual referred to as "Sally." As such, this article is presented as conjecture and not as established fact.
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