Inside the Amber Heard SHOCKING parites


The source claims that Amber Heard attended illegal parties with minors and took pictures of Elon Musk and his friends.

A disturbing articles reveals that Amber Heard attended multiple Satanic Hollywood parties in Hollywood and sometimes minors were engaged. Several individuals who claimed they attended these parties stated they witnessed Heard snap images of influential men, like Elon Musk, inside the orgies.

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Seems as though their may be some truth to the rumours that Amber Heard blackmailed Elon Musk into bankrolling her expensive lifestyle, donations, and a whole lot more. A shocking article alleges that Amber Heard would attend Satanic-themed parties with “tech gods, capitalists, founders, top executives, and up-and-coming entrepreneurs.”

House Inhabit is Jessica Reed Kraus’s popular blog on Substack. She has written extensively and conducted remarkable investigative journalism on the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial, and she just penned an explosive article regarding Heard’s scandalous parties.


Amber Heard would allegedly go to a scandalous party in the San Francisco Bay Area of Los Angeles, according to the most recent article on a blog. It is said that these parties would be fueled by “copious” amounts of MDMA and would feature costumes, satanic themes, and lesbian orgies conducted on stages in front of the attendees of the party.

One alleged partygoer informed Jessica Reed Kraus they saw Amber Heard and were eager to expose her.

“I’m happy to tell you everything because that girl has got everything coming to her, she deserves to suffer,” the whistle-blower stated sharing a never-before seen photo from inside said party.

Amber Heard at sex party (credit House Inhabit)
Amber Heard at party (credit House Inhabit)

“Picture every man’s basic fantasy,” the celebrity whistle blower said during a call with Jessica, sharing never-before seen photos from inside the parties.

“A bunch of hot young girls, rubbing all over each other in satanic-styled leather outfits on stage, Amber on a throne-like chair at the center. Legs spread, with like, perfect p*rn star p*ssies on display, performing wild acts for a room full of men watching below.”

“Everyone knew the girls were there for hire. To entertain socially inept billionaires.”

She added that the friendship between Heard and Musk went back to 2011, when he and his wife were hosting parties at their Beverly Hills home. Amber immediately gained popularity among the group due to her talent for persuading other young, often gay, struggling actors to work as escorts, make appearances, or sing at these events for Musk and his tech colleagues.

Supposedly, Heard convinced Tasya Van Ree to be one of the performers. Evenings were spent as luxury escorts for wealthy men, while days were spent reaping the benefits of being two of the most sought-after lesbians in the LA hipster LGBT community.

Cara and Heard
Cara Delevingne, Rocky Pennington and Amber Heard all attended LA party.

According to the insider, Heard’s ex-girlfriend Cara Delevingne, who was seen engaging in threesome with Heard and another person at Johnny Depp’s former New York penthouse, was also there at this infamous party.

Jessica asserts that Elon Musk’s interest in the defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard stems from the possibility that Amber Heard could blackmail the tech titan with career-ending photographs that were snapped inside these parties.

Message from insider.

“The rumor has always been that she has some dark sh*t on him [Elon Musk], and that’s why he’s indebted to her,” the insider told Jessica. “It’s not surprising to anyone who knows her. Amber was always filming him. She had a method. She had it down. She would get Elon really f*cked up, so incriminating events could transpire and then film it all.”

Amber brought minors to these parties.

Another individual romantically associated to a famous rock musician claimed to have seen videos of minors introduced by Amber in compromising circumstances, but stated the issue was “complex” since some of the people in the videos were also “involved in the trial.” Without naming people or giving details. However, they refused to give names or identifying details.

People’s appetites were unrestrained and their boundaries were distorted without judgement during these parties, it was said. When Jessica looked for evidence of these parties and the allegations linked to them, all she could find were a few unrelated news articles about Musk and his wife getting turned away from a Berlin kink club.

Photo in shocking party (credit House Inhabit)
Photo in shocking party with ping-ping balls (credit House Inhabit)

Musk subsequently addressed the story in a tweet, saying he went to the club but left early because he was bored. He claimed he didn’t realise it was a fetish scene.

In the blog post the author likens the parties and orgies to Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut.

“Blindfolded participants met at a designated spot, and were shuttled to a remote location where cell phones were confiscated at the door, and nude women dangled from treetops secured by harnesses, with bags over their heads,” Jessica writes.

Musk, Heard and Gia.

Gia, another party guest purportedly lured by Amber Heard, stated that she spent time with both Musk and Heard at these events.

She described these parties as a “snake pit” that she was fortunate enough to escape.

Gia had never been the party type as a young wife and mother thrown into a tight suburban environment immediately after graduating from high school. Los Angeles appeared to be a land of boundless opportunity.

Gia stated that she first had no idea who Musk was, thus she was taken aback by his social ineptitude. According to her, Musk was a strange match for the vivacious and flirty Amber, who was the centre of attention in every situation.

Amber invited Gia to form a trio with them, and she agreed. Typically, it would begin with either Musk watching her and Heard together or her watching Musk and Heard together.

As the months passed and the three of them got closer, the article continues, she began to spend more time with Amber at Elon’s Bel Air mansion.

Johnny Depp forces Elon Musk into $50M Amber Heard countersuit case
Before breakup: Musk and Heard.

According to Gia, Musk possessed a collection of homes used for various reasons, including one for parties, one for his family, one for his company, etc. The atmosphere, she described, was mostly healthy and wholesome. During these encounters, she was privy to a different perspective, a more comfortable, home version of Elon.

“He was a doting parent, engaged and attentive whenever his children were around. She said she was surprised by what an ‘amazing’ father he was, sitting sometimes for hours playing video games or cards with the boys while Heard and her cooked dinner and set the table,” Jessica states.

Amber Heard is allegedly a psycho.

Nonetheless, as the relationship began to deteriorate, Musk got increasingly neurotic and extremely suspicious of Amber Heard and her close associates. Gia claimed that he gifted Heard and her friends with bugged Tesla cars and installed security cameras at Heard’s residence. This was also stated in trial-related court records.

Gia recounts awakening from a nap to see her thumb in Musk’s hand, as he attempted to unlock her phone as she slept. At this time, Gia had begun to distance herself from Heard after a series of suspicious occurrences convinced her that she was in danger when she was alone with Amber Heard.

She claims that on one occasion, after spending the night with Heard, she awoke with no memory of the time. She was so disoriented that she struggled to restore consciousness. She described the dense fog as awakening from anaesthesia.

At party: notice Amber Heard around ping pong balls (image credit House Inhabit)

“I knew if I continued this way with her, I might not wake up. I don’t know what she gave to me, but I knew my life was probably in danger when I was with her alone,” Gia said.

Amber Heard allegedly assaulted Gia in a jealous rage at another Great Gatsby-themed party held after the Australia incident.

“She grabbed me by the neck and started slashing my dress with a wine opener, like a maniac, screaming that she was going to ‘slit my neck,’ for fucking her boyfriend.”

Amber’s friend had to pull her away from Gia in the end. This would be the last time she would talk to Amber Heard. Elon Musk allegedly thought that if Heard and Gia were ever together, Heard would kill Gia, so he tried to keep them apart

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