Ghost of Tsushima called racist by Kpop fans but Japanese people love it


Ghost of Tsushima is receiving raving reviews but Kpop fans think Sucker Punch is racist and have no right to create a game about Japanese culture.

Unlike The Last of Us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima is receiving stellar reviews from users, even YouTube superstar Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has given the game two thumbs up. Sadly, a handful of Kpop fans are trying to cancel the game for its alleged racism.

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The Ghost of Tsushima is largely inspired by classic Japanese cinema. As a matter of fact, it was revealed that the developers intensely studied Akira Kurosaw’s work during the game’s development, and it really shows.

Not only is there an option to play the entire game in black and white cinematic mode to give it that classic samurai movie feel, but the original recorded voice lines were done by very talented Japanese actors.

Japanese actor Daisuke Tsuji — who appeared in the Clint Eastwood blockbuster Letters From Iwo Jima — gives an amazing performance as the Ghost of Tsushima protagonist Jin Sakai, and not only does he just provide the voice work, but his likeness is also used.

Japanese actor Daisuke Tsuji Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is not racist. Jin Sakai voice Japanese actor and voice actor Daisuke Tsuji.

However, despite Sucker Punch delivering an amazing game with a story that is largely respectful to the genre, Kpop fans don’t think the game should exist.

“White men making a game about Japanese history is cultural appropriation at it’s finest. Can white people just die already?” One anonymous Twitter user with a BTS profile picture tweeted.

“Ugh, can they [Sucker Punch] like not be racist? Literally capitalising on Japanese culture. I’m so done with Sony,” another fellow Kpop fan said.

“Listen up, white folk. We know you don’t have a culture of your own and your history is filled with racism and bloodshed but stop appropriating other cultures. Racist pigs!”

While some Kpop fans are outraged that an American developer, Sucker Punch, would dare make a game about another culture, Japanese gamers don’t seem to mind too much. Ghost of Tsushima is super well received in Japan and is receiving amazing reviews across the pond.

Sucker Punch dev team

Ghost of Tsushima well received in Japan. Dev team (Sucker Punch) is very talented and very diverse.

One thing that these Kpop fans are quick to forget is that, despite being an American developer, Sucker Punch has many talented creators with diverse cultural backgrounds. To simply refer to them as ‘white men’ simply because they are American is ignorant and racist.

Ghost of Tsushima released worldwide on Friday, July 19th and has overwhelmingly positive reviews. It is sitting at 88% on Metacritic and has one of the highest user review scores of all PlayStation 4 games with a 92%.

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