Far left Twitch streamer BadBunnyTwitch demands subs, Keemstar laughs


Nicole, the 33-year-old Seatle based Twitch streamer known as BadBunny, has sparked controversy after demanding that her followers pay for her content. The internet responds.

Nicole, now allegedly a far left Twitch streamer, is no stranger to controversy. At first she was the Queen of edgelords and pushed nearly every boundary known on Twitch.

Did you know?

Nicole has previously earned herself a ban from Twitch after one of her viewers clipped Nicole making, what many consider to be, a racist statement on the 24th of March, 2019.

“This is just how I feel, no offense to anyone, but I just think that black people are inferior to white people in every single way,” Nicole was clipped saying.

Since then her she changed drastically in both image and opinion.

BadBunny hates capitalism yet makes a living on Twitch

Nicole blames her past mistakes on being brainwashed by the alt-right. Today her Twitter bio reads: ” I escaped the alt-right, and now I host a political show talking about it. Leftist. She/Her #Bernie2020 #TransRights.”

 BadBunnyTwitch (Nicole)

BadBunnyTwitch (Nicole): Far left Twitch streamer or just a troll?

Many believe that Nicole is merely a troll pretending to be socialist Bernie Sanders supporter trying to redeem herself, but she has been very vocal on her pro-socialist views and discusses it at length on her own stream.

Calls followers who don’t sub leeches, while leeching of Government

As a strong believer in socialism, Nicole believes many things should be free; healthcare, education, housing, food… but not her live streams.

BadBunny was caught on stream furiously belittling her viewers for not subscribing to her channel and spending U$5.00 a month. This is something that BadBunnyTwitch has made clear before when she called non-subscribed people who try to engage with her ‘leeches’.

Keemstar, Coh Carnage and many others lash out

Other popular YouTubers and Twitch streamers have reacted to Nicole’s comments online and called her out on them.

DramaAlert host,Daniel Keemstar, on the other hand, is confident that Nicole is clearly trolling her viewers and sparking controversy for publicity.

What are you thoughts? Is Keemstar right? Is Nicole, aka BadBunny (BadBunnyTwitch), following in the footsteps of Brittany Venti and is she trolling both sides of the political divide or is she dead serious? Let us know in the comments below.

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