Pokimane takes Twitch break when Dr. DisRespect returns, coincidence?


Pokimane announced that she’s taking a month long break from streaming the second Dr. DisRespect announced his return. Some people she may be responsible for his ban.

The Doc is back in the house and he’s killing it on YouTube. His first livestream had half a million viewers. That’s got to be some kind of record. Meanwhile, Pokimane takes a break for mental health reason. Are the two incidents related?

NEWS: Pokimane mod reveals “boyfriend” is banned word in Twitch chat.

It has been about 5 weeks since Guy “Dr DisRespect” Beahm was banned off Twitch. Sadly, there have been no new revelations in the case, and Beahm himself claims to not know the reason why.

He has hinted that he’s taking legal action against Twitch Interactive Inc., and said he believes there was “big money” in their decision to ban him. Did that “big money” go to Pokimane?

However, many people still believe that the Dr DisRespect ban was related to the recent wave of #MeToo allegations, especially Esports reporter Rod “Slasher” Breslau.

When confronted during a livestream about recent allegations of being “creepy” to a few female influencers, the 34-year-old Esports reporter quickly deflected by bringing up the Dr DisRespect ban.

“These allegations don’t even compare to Dr. DisRespect’s,” Breslau responded, affirming that his ban was, in fact, related to allegations of harassment.

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An unnamed source later reached out to us and said that Dr DisRespect had been privately messaging “a big female Twitch streamer.” People believe it could have been Imane “Pokimane” Anys.

The aforementioned rumoured messages may have been tame and friendly in nature but taken out of context.

A similar thing happened to the independent YouTube game journalist and host of The Angry Joe Show, Joe Vargas.

A small-time Twitch streamer and former fan of The Angry Joe Show alleged that, back in 2016, had tried to coerce her into potentially considering doing something naughty with her.

She posted links to direct messages between the two and the vast majority of people perceived the messages to be mostly friendly. Joe later addressed the allegations made against him by Ashley “WookieMonster” Marku and said that he’s considering legal action.

Ashley “WookieMonster” Marku has now deleted her initial post and has not commented on it since.

Guy "Dr DisRespect" Beahm returns on YouTube

Guy “Dr DisRespect” Beahm streams on YouTube with 500,000 consecutive viewers after Twitch ban and Pokimane takes a Twitch break.

This very well might be the case for Dr DisRespect, but considering that Guy Beahm is incredibly wealthy and has a great legal team behind him, his accuser just might not be willing to go public with the information if it is not substantial enough.

“I’ve done nothing that warrants a ban,” The Doc revealed during his latest YouTube livestream with half a million viewers. Taking into considerations Rod “Slasher” Berslau’s comments, this suggests that the ban may have been personal.

Slasher said he will not comment any further on his ban, even though he claimed it was serious. He believes that Herchel “Guy” Beahm IV may sue him for libel if he talks about it. This is a good indication that the evidence against The Doc is not substantial and, therefore, will never be made public.

“I don’t want to put it personally on Twitter and I do need a publication to back me,” Slasher said. “But this requires indemnity that I want and has been rather difficult to acquire and that means that I get legal protection from the outlet that I publish for from whatever would happen afterwards.”

Dr DisRespect was a target of cancel culture, says source

Dr DisRespect was not only banned on Twitch, he lost his Discord partnership too. During this time other sponsors scrubbed his name from their websites. This is an indication of a collaborated effort by numerous people.

“They [the accusers] had contact with the other brand partners ahead of time, without Dr.D’s knowledge,” the source told us.

“There are several partnered female Twitch streamers who cannot stand him. Prior the ban, words like misogynist, and creep would be used when he was brought up. No idea whether they just didn’t like the character of The Doc or Guy himself,” the source added.

Guy “Dr DisRespect” Beahm allegedly messaged a big female streamer on Discord days before his ban. The streamer is also a Discord partner. The most likely scenario is that whoever made allegations against Guy also reached out to Discord and his sponsors.

Seeing as The Doc’s sponsors returned probably means he cleared his name with them. That would mean he’s right, he did nothing to warrant a ban — however — today, a simple kind gesture can be misconstrued as a form of harassment.

Pokimane did what with Dr DisRespect?!

Although there is no evidence that even suggests that Pokimane was behind the Dr DisRespect ban, the timing of her break does seem a little suspicious.

Pokimane at Twitchcon

Did Pokimane rendezvous with Dr DisRespect at Pizza Party at TwitchCon?

The original reports that were allegedly from a Twitch HR staffer claimed that a “major female Twitch streamer” had come forth with “receipts” against Dr DisRespect in order to get a better exclusivity deal with Twitch Interactive Inc.

“Guy was perma banned and his contracts are being cancelled and reworked as we speak,” the source said.

“This is due to the past cheating statement made by him. What you don’t know is that it was with a major female Twitch streamer … She recently contacted our office and wanted a better deal to what we provided and we refused, opting to remove Guy before she makes her proof known.”

Pokimane cosplay

Pokimane has a boyfriend and it’s not Dr DisRespect, but another big Twitch streamer, we know who.

Dr DisRespect and Pokimane both respectively signed exclusivity deals with Twitch in the same month, but her’s was substantially less than the 20-something million deal that The Doc reportedly got.

The source also alleges that Twitch have worked tirelessly in protecting the identity of the major female Twitch streamer, which is probably why nobody knows who Dr DisRespect cheated with at TwitchCon. Was it Pokimane?

Is Pokimane taking a break because of the incredible success Dr DisRespect is having with his return to streaming on YouTube? Pokimane bragged about having 11,000 consecutive viewers with her camera turned off. The Doc had 500,000 consecutive viewers on his first day streaming on YouTube. Perhaps that’s why she’s feeling “burnt out.”

Pokimane went on her month long hiatus from social media and Twitch streaming on August 6th and is expected to return early September.

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