Alita sequel allegedly in turmoil because of Captain Marvel


It’s been, almost, a year since Alita: Battle Angel hit cinemas and since then Disney haven’t so much as talked about her. Rumours suggest it may be because of Captain Marvel.

Alita: Battle Angel was 20th Century Fox’s answer to an awesome female super hero movie. It was something that James Cameron had planned to do for a long time, way before the Disney acquisition.

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Rumours are no surfacing that Walt Disney Studios had no interest in releasing Alita: Battle Angel, it would be one of the last films that Fox would release on their own and Disney had no interest in attaching their name to it… at first.

The film was described to be a “conflict of interest” as it would go to compete against a movie that the studio was already both financially and emotionally invested in, and that’s Captain Marvel.

Sources close to Disney allege that Alita has no place in the Disney-verse and that the studio is instead focusing on their newly acquired Fox/Marvel rights which covers X-Men and Deadpool.

“Alita just kind of falls by the wayside,” an insider explained to us. “She’s a standalone hero, and she doesn’t belong to the Marvel Universe so Disney are not even acknowledging that she exists at the moment.”

Alita sequel petition

Alita sequel turmoil.

They are currently going all-in with Brie Larson for the foreseeable future and believe releasing an Alita sequel might detract from that.

“Disney weren’t at all too fond of the series of Alita/Captain Marvel comparison memes that surfaced once Alita: Battle Angel released,” sources close to Disney said. “It only helped further polarise an already politically divided studio. A lot of the people who worked on Captain Marvel made their thoughts clear on where they stood with Alita: Battle Angel.”

Alita sequel turmoil: Captain Marvel memes polarise studio.

Alita sequel turmoil: Captain Marvel memes polarise studio.

There is a shimmer of light for Alita fans, though. We may hear more about Alita after the Carol Danvers story arch concludes in the upcoming phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe… so all hope is not lost.

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