Amber Heard took pictures with her UNDERAGE ASSISTANT Savannah!


New documents and pictures reveal Amber Heard in bed with her alleged underage British assistant, Savannah Mcmillen.

In 2014 Amber Heard lied to Homeland Security about her alleged underage 17-year-old personal assistant, Savannah Mcmillen. In the letter she calls the teenager a “personal friend.” It is now public knowledge that Mcmillen worked for her, and perhaps they were more then just friends as a shocking photo shows Amber Heard in bed with her teenage assistant, and another woman.

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In 2014, Amber Heard was accused of hiring a foreign student as her assistant, which landed her in some legal difficulties. According to accounts, Amber hired the adolescent, flew her to the United States, and employed her without following the proper immigration and visa procedures.

Amber Heard fired back at the allegations calling them “baseless” and insisted they were made be an anonymous person who has a vendetta against her.

Aquaman actress with personal friend
Amber Heard with her young assistant Savannah Mcmillen.

“I am writing this letter in response to a fraudulent report about my British friend, Savannah Mcmillen,” the letter reads.

She lied to Homeland Security!

It continues: “It has come to my awareness that while spending time visiting me in the United Stated, somebody made a false claim against her stating, without any proof or corroboration, that she was unlawfully working for me.

In the letter Heard claims that Mcmillen, who would have been around 17-years-old at the time was her “personal friend” and that she demands that her private life be kept out of the press.

shocking exposed photos
Amber Heard parting (and doing other things) with underage “personal friend.”

“As her friend, I can say truthfully and unequivocally that this allegation is entirely false. It was clearly made in the safety of anonymity to satisfy a personal vendetta. The allegation absolutely bears no merit, value or truth.”

However, after making this statement to Homeland Security, Amber Heard continued to employ this young British woman as her personal assistant for her films.

On iMDB, Savannah Mcmillen is credited as Heard’s personal assistant for a number of films, including the 2018 blockbuster Aquaman, which was shot primarily in Australia.

Mcmillen was credited as Amber Heard’s personal behind-the-scenes photographer for The Danish Girl in 2015.

In addition to this, she worked as Heard’s personal assistant during the production of the 2015 film London Fields, which was a commercial and critical bomb.

The actress know commonly known as Amber Turd was accused of lying to Homeland Security by her former personal assistant, Kate James.

…. and here’s the paycheck!

“Savannah, a British citizen, had been held in immigration and questioned about the frequency that she had been coming and going from the USA,” Ms James said in her written statement.

“In Amber’s letter, she called it fraudulent that it was being alleged that Savannah was working for Amber unlawfully.

“She [Amber Heard] said that, as Savannah’s ‘friend’, she could ‘say truthfully and unequivocally that this allegation is entirely false … I would like to go on the record saying that Savannah McMillan is a personal friend, and to my knowledge, has never worked unlawfully or otherwise in the United States. Or for me.”

Illegal paycheck.
Check from Amber Heard/Vanree to Mcmillen in 2014!

Ms James presented photographic evidence of her claims and provided Depp’s legal team with a picture of a letter and a pay cheque from Ms Heard to Ms Mcmillen in 2014.

However, there is some validity to Amber Heard’s allegation that Mcmillen is a “personal friend,” though this does not rule out the possibility that she worked for Mcmillen.

Illegal pictures!

Newly leaked pictures show Amber Heard in bed with Savannah Mcmillen, who is believed to be around 17-years-old at the time, and another woman.

The images have sparked controversy about whether she was groomed the teenager from a young age and if it is acceptable to photograph someone who allegedly employed by her in such a lewd and vulnerable position.

“Amber was responsible for the guidance of a young woman’s life, and she guided Savannah to sexual perversion. Did Savannah’s parents realize that an older adult in charge of their child was guiding their daughter into questionable behaviors? Where is Savanna now,” one concerned person tweeted.

This photo follows reports that Amber Heard may have implicated some of her other close and personal pals in criminal activity by arranging sex parties with minors.

An unidentified source told Popcorned Planet that Elon Musk and Amber Heard were participating in some really strange partes. The 35-year-old b-list actress allegedly has dirt on Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk that might jeopardize his career.

The extent of the dirt on Elon Musk is unknown, but the tech entrepreneur is seemingly willing to spend millions, donate Tesla cars and even give his own sperm to stop it from coming out!

Illegal orgies?!

Furthermore, the unidentified individual in the photo with Amber Heard and Savannah Mcmillen appears to be Raquel “Rocky” Pennington.

Amber and Rocky Pennington
Amber Heard took pictures with her UNDERAGE ASSISTANT Savannah!

Raquel Pennington was once regarded as Amber Heard’s best friend, but after some of the Aquaman actress’s dirty laundry was exposed, she distanced herself from her and claims that they are nothing more than acquaintances and former friends.

Josh Drew, another former friend of Heard’s, testified under oath that Raquel Pennington and Amber Heard would often have sex parties and, on several occasions, even had a foursome with Elon Musk, Raquel Pellington and celebrity model Cara Delevingne.

Delevingne, Pennington and Heard
Amber Heard took pictures with her UNDERAGE ASSISTANT Savannah!

Perhaps the rumours of bizarre and unlawful orgies featuring Amber Heard and underage girls are true after all. Could all of her pals be deserting her because they don’t want to be exposed for this scandal?

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