Neekolul fired from 100 Thieves because she’s irrelevant


Neekolul, the Twitch streamer who gained fame through her “OK Boomer” video, has been released from her contract with 100 Thieves due to a decline in viewership and relevance.

Neekolul, the popular Twitch streamer and content creator, has recently been let go by 100 Thieves, a major esports and content organization. Many fans were surprised by the news, as Neekolul had become a prominent figure in the gaming and streaming communities over the past year. In this article, we will examine Neekolul’s rise to fame, her recent decline in popularity, and the reasons behind her departure from 100 Thieves.


Neekolul, whose real name is Nicole Sanchez, first gained notoriety on social media in 2019 when a video of her dancing and lip-syncing to a song went viral. The video, which featured Neekolul wearing a Bernie Sanders t-shirt and saying “OK Boomer” at the end, became a sensation on Twitter and TikTok. Neekolul’s playful and irreverent attitude struck a chord with young people who were frustrated with the political establishment and the Baby Boomer generation. The video was shared widely, and Neekolul soon found herself with thousands of new followers on social media.

Over the next year, Neekolul continued to grow her following by streaming on Twitch and creating content for her YouTube channel. She became known for her quirky personality, her love of gaming, and her willingness to engage with her fans. She also began to collaborate with other creators, however larger content creators like PewDiePie refused to work with her.

Neekolul 100 Thieves contract terminted
Neekolul fired from 100 Thieves because she’s irrelevant

However, Neekolul’s popularity began to wane after the “OK Boomer” meme became less relevant. Some fans criticized her for relying too heavily on a single meme and not being able to sustain her fame without it. Others accused her of being a one-hit wonder who had achieved success through luck rather than talent.

Another factor that may have contributed to Neekolul’s decline in popularity is the perception among some fans that she only became famous because of her relationship with her husband, Nick Brotman. Brotman is a prominent figure in the world of creator talent management and runs the company Night Media, which represents many top-tier creators. Some fans have suggested that Neekolul’s success was only possible because of Brotman’s connections and resources.

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Recently, Neekolul announced on Twitter that she had been let go (fired) by 100 Thieves. She stated that the reason for her departure was that she and the organization could not come to an agreement on the terms of a new deal. While Neekolul did not provide any further details, it is likely that 100 Thieves was not willing to pay her the amount she demanded.

Neekolul exposed poor shaming low income earners in shocking Tweet
Neekolul aka “OK Boomer” Girl fired.

For those unfamiliar with 100 Thieves, it is a major esports and content organization that was founded in 2017 by the former Call of Duty professional player Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag. The organization has signed some of the most talented creators and players in the gaming world, including Valkyrae, CouRage, and Mako. 100 Thieves is also known for its apparel line, which includes clothing and accessories featuring the organization’s logo.

According to some fans on Reddit, 100 Thieves has been cutting back on spending recently and has laid off some of its content team. As a result, more streamers may be let go in the near future. Some fans have suggested that Neekolul was an easy choice for 100 Thieves to let go, as she had one of the lowest view counts among the organization’s streamers.

Neekolul’s departure from 100 Thieves has surprised and disappointed many fans. While she became famous through a single viral video, she worked hard to sustain her popularity and build a loyal fanbase. However, her recent decline in popularity and perceptions about her fame being linked to her husband’s business connections may have contributed to her departure from 100 Thieves. Nonetheless, Neekolul’s departure from the organization may have less to do with her own merits as a content creator, and more to do with the company’s budgetary constraints and strategic priorities.

Socialist Twitch streamer Neekolul celebrates Gucci partnership
Nichole “Neekolul” Sanchez fired from 100 Thieves.

Regardless of the reasons behind Neekolul’s departure, her fans are likely to continue supporting her as she moves forward in her career. While some may criticize her for relying too heavily on a single meme or for being too closely associated with her husband’s business interests, others will continue to appreciate her quirky personality, her love of gaming, and her willingness to engage with her fans.

As the world of esports and content creation continues to evolve, it is likely that we will see many more creators rise to fame and then fall from grace. The internet can be a fickle and unpredictable place, and even the most popular creators can struggle to maintain their relevance over time. Nonetheless, Neekolul’s brief but memorable stint at 100 Thieves is a reminder that hard work, dedication, and a willingness to adapt are essential qualities for anyone looking to succeed in the world of online content creation.

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