Steam issuing refunds for Battlefield 2042 against their own policy


Steam has abandoned Battlefield 2042 and is currently issuing refunds to players who do not match the policy’s requirements.

Now that EA/Battlefield DICE’s 2042 player base has dropped below the ten thousand mark, Steam is prepared to offer refunds to anyone who does not meet the policy’s restrictions, which include having purchased the game less than 14 days ago and having played less than two hours of it.


According to Valve Corporation, almost any purchase you make on their Steam Store may be returned for a full or partial refund, for a variety of reasons; you may not be able to play a title because of a lack of hardware, a misplaced purchase, or a lack of interest.

If you want a refund for a game, you have to request it within the statutory two-week return period and play the title for less than two hours for it to qualify. But it seems as though Valve Corporation are willing to bend this real, especially for Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 broken
More trouble for DICE and EA as Steam is now offering refunds regardless of policy.

After EA/choice DICE’s to label its gamers “toxic” and accuse them of having “brutal and unreasonable expectations” of their developers, the Battlefield 2042 player base has fallen to an all-time low of 10,000. That number is likely to drop some more now that Steam is granting refunds for Battlefield 2042 even thought policy conditions aren’t met.

One unhappy customer requested a refund from Steam Support for Battlefield 2042 stating that it was “an unfinished, buggy and technically broken game.”

Steam Support first declined his request for a refund on the grounds that he had spent more than two hours playing the game, but they subsequently reversed their decision after the consumer provided an explanation.

“I would have less than two hours of playtime if I didn’t have to spend two hours in the settings because of a bug that resets my controls and does let let me bind them,” the consumer explained.

Battlefield 2042 Steam Refund
Steam Support grant full refund for Battlefield 2042 despite playtime.

They continued: “The broken state of the game and its bugs did not allow me to test the game properly, which is the reason I wish to refund the game.”

“As a costumer service gesture,” Valve Corporation issues a full refund for Battlefield 2042 even though the request did not meet the policy requirements.


It is likely that thousands more will take advantage of this and do the same which means we may see the Battlefield 2042 player base drop significantly in the coming weeks.

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