Warzone 2: Nadia inspires thousands of gamers to cheat


Modern Warfare II/Warzone 2 has a massive cheating problem and, according to gamers, it because of Activision’s defending Nadia Amine.

Highly contentious Warzone 2 streamer, Nadia Amine, who has previously been exposed for cheating and scamming people, is inspiring the confidence in other casual players to download cheats/hacks in the latest Call of Duty game.

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Nadia boasts that she is one of the finest Call of Duty Twitch streamers, if not the best, based on her 8:0 kill-to-death ratio in the original Warzone.

Nadia’s gameplay and performance inconsistencies have been scrutinised by the community, since the overwhelming majority of players are now persuaded that she is a cheater.

Numerous video appear to be smoking gun evidence that Nadia Amine had previously cheated in Warzone and utilised a VPN to circumvent the game’s skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) mechanism to obtain easy lobbies and thus get easy kills to boost her kill-to-death ratio.

Two Warzone cheaters: Nadia and Natarsha?
Two Warzone cheaters: Nadia and Natarsha?

Nadia’s performance at official Call of Duty LAN games, played on high-end PCs, differs greatly from her gameplay at home, as she struggles to maintain a positive kill-to-death ratio and typically finishes near the bottom of the ladder.

Nadia did poorly in her first several Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer livestreams; her aim was bad, her situational awareness was terrible, and she had no knowledge of the weapon’s capabilities.

She used an unlock tool.

She appeared to have dramatically improved overnight to the point that she was dropping nukes in her games and was practically unbeatable. Fans saw that she had unlocked all gold weapon camos in less than twelve hours.

Nadia claimed that she “spent all night grinding camo while not streaming” when confronted, however it was evident that she used a “unlocking tool” to obtain the gold weapon camos. While she had unlocked all gold weapon camos, even the most fundamental weapon attachments remained locked. These attachments would have been available to her if she did, in fact, “grind for camos.”

With her questionable history of scamming men on Tinder and selling cheats and hacked lobbies in prior Call of Duty titles, the community became even more dubious that Nadia was a truly skilled player.

Taylor Morgan says she cheats.

Taylor Morgan, a prominent Australian TikTok celebrity and Call of Duty Twitch streamer, alleged that Infinity Ward is aware that Nadia is cheating, but they do not care and will not take action against her account.

Taylor Morgan (Modern Rockstars)
Taylor Morgan, Call of Duty star (via Instagram)

Activision and Infinity Ward continue to sponsor Nadia with tens of thousands of dollars despite the criticism she receives and the abundance of evidence that suggests she cheats. They will even reprimand or outright ban other players who call her out calling their actions “harassment.”

The mental gymnastics that Activision performed in order to ignore Nadia’s cheats have emboldened thousands of other Call of Duty players to download cheats because they don’t think that there will be any consequences for them.

Activision don’t care.

“Why shouldn’t I cheat? Activision are clearly okay with it, otherwise they’d make an example out of Nadia. It’s so obvious she cheats,” one Warzone 2 player remaked.

“You have to cheat if you want a chance to even be recognised by Activision these days. Zlander, Nadia and many other so-called pro-players have been caught red-handed and nothing has been done, Activision even restored and whitelisted Nadia’s account after she was exposed cheating.”

“As long as Activision is cool with Nadia cheating, I’m going to cheat, that’s the bottom line.”

Modern Warfare II and Warzone II cheats are incredibly easy to come by and our openly shared on popularly Discord servers and web forums.

The creators of the cheats claim they are completely undetectable by the Ricochet anti-cheat system and offer players with adjustable aim-bot, ESP wall-hacks and many other features. The cheat also makes aim look natural making it even hard to spot by seasoned players.

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