xQc allegedly homeless after breaking up with girlfriend Adept


xQc wears cardboard box as Halloween costume and his fans joke about him being homeless after breakup with girlfriend.

xQc went live on Halloween with an underwhelming cardboard box inspiring his fans to joke about him being homeless after breaking up with his girlfriend Sammy, aka AdeptTheBest–however–there may be some truth to it.

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Félix Lengyel, the popular Twitch broadcaster known as xQc, said a few months ago that he had ended his relationship with his girlfriend Adept. Contrary to his ex-wishes, girlfriend’s xQc discussed the breakup in public, creating a sticky situation.

xQc and Adept have a tumultuous past, and this is not the first time they have broken up. They had previously separated in August 2021, but had reconciled by December of the same year, engaging in open flirtation on Twitter and other social media platforms.

xQc and ex-girlfriend Adept.
xQc and ex-girlfriend Adept.

This time, the separation appears to be irreversible, and it does not appear like the two are on friendly terms with one another.

While some fans joked about xQc being homeless after his Halloween Twitch stream where he donned a cardboard box costume, he may actually lose his home because of Canadian de facto relationship laws.

In the context of immigration, a common-law partnership means that a couple has lived together as a couple for at least one year.  

Legally, a common-law relationship is a de facto relationship, which means that it needs to be proven each time based on the facts. In contrast, a marriage is a de jure relationship, which means that it has been recognised by the law.

This legislation stipulates that AdeptTheBest is entitled to half of xQc’s assets and earnings accumulated throughout their relationship.

Sammy aka AdeptTheBest
xQc ex-girlfriend Sammy aka AdeptTheBest

xQc and Adept made their relationship public in early 2021, despite the fact that many fans had correctly deduced they were dating while she was his “roommate.”

After the breakup, xQc switched from streaming in the living room of his beautiful home to a small bedroom, which may be a sign that he has already moved out of his house.

Neither xQc nor Adept has brought up the specifics of the breakup or stated whether or not they intend to involve attorneys at any point in the process.

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