Nissan stocks drop to yearly low from Brie Larson commercial


The day that Nissan USA released their feminist ‘no compromises’ commercial starring Brie Larson their stocks dropped to a yearly low, but stabilised once the comments were disabled.

Nissan stocks have been on a downward trend for the past couple of years but they hit a yearly low after they launched their ‘no compromises’ commercial starring feminist icon Brie Larson.

The commercial has been called ‘divisive’ and ‘man-hating’ by its viewers who are now mocking Nissan with the popular meme ‘get woke, go broke.’

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Nissan released their controversial commercial on the 6th of March just ahead of International Women’s Day. They figured that Brie Larson would be the perfect choice to lead their new campaign, but it completely backfired.

The commercial, instead of celebrating women, took a jab at men in power. And just to make it clear Nissan released another video explaining the message behind their ‘no compromises’ commercial.

“There was a guy sitting on the other side of the table and it affected me in a bad way,” she explained in the video.

“We both work in a heavily male dominated industry does it feel good that you’re finally turning it on its head?” The interviewer asks.

The comments on the commercial were mostly criticising Nissan for preaching to the choir. Since then the video’s like to dislike ratio has exploded with the video reaching 25, 000 dislikes in just 6 days.

A source close to Nissan explains that the comments on the video were doing more damage to the Nissan brand than the video itself, and disabling the comments was a way of combating the sudden drop in stocks.

The stocks dropped from 445JPY to 373JPY — which was the lowest it had been for an entire year — but it started going back up after they disabled the comments to the Brie Larson commercial.

Nissan Motor Co. Ltd hasn’t made a full recovery, albeit stabilising, since the commercial debuted. It is currently sitting at 393JPY.

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