Amber Heard reportedly stole/withheld millions from a children’s hospital


Amber Heard pledged to donate her Johnny Depp divorce settlement money to ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and CHLA (Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles) but a recent subpoena revealed she lied.

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Amber Heard stated that she wasn’t after Johnny Depp’s money and insisted that she was trying to spread awareness of domestic violence, alleging that her ex-husband was an emotionally and physically abusive “wife beater”, but documents suggest she might be a liar.

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To prove that she wasn’t after the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s fortune she pledged to split her divorce settlement money between ACLU (American Civil Liberties Opinion) and CHLA (Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles), but evidence shows that was yet another one of Amber Heard’s lies.

“Money played no role for me personally, never has.”

“In the divorce settlement between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, she was awarded $7 million which she promised to donate to charity to prove she wasn’t only after his money. She has gone public with this same story and even testified in court documents that the $7 million has in fact been donated and was split between ACLU and CHLA.”

A recent subpoena from Depp’s team regarding these donations has been answered by CHLA,” Deb Anderson shared with us via email.

Adam Waldman
EXPOSED: Amber Heard lied under oath about donating divorce settlement money, reportedly stole millions from Children’s Hospital (CHLA).

She continued: “Amber Heard DID NOT make the promised donation to CHLA. (Response is still forthcoming from ACLU but the same result is expected.) Just like she has made a career as an activist and spokesperson against domestic violence based on her completely false accusations against Johnny Depp, she has also ridden the PR wave by claiming she donated her entire $7 million divorce settlement to charity.”

Anderson, as well as many other real domestic violence survivors, truly believe that Amber Heard’s allegations against Johnny Depp are completely false. Not only because her stories seem fake, but also due to the leaked audiotape where Heard admits to physically abusing him while taunting him saying, “nobody will believe an old white man.

Amber Heard: liar, stealer, cheater and smuggler.

The 34-year-old Aquaman actress also has a history of lying, stealing and even falsifying documents. She nearly served time in Australia for providing fake documents to smuggle her two dogs in to the country in 2016.

A former assistant of Amber Heard spoke out, and said that she IGNORED warnings that it was illegal to smuggle her dogs into Australia and then forced her to lie about it under oath or be sacked.

Amber Heard's former personal assistant
Amber Heard, now called a liar, with her former personal Kate James.

Kate James, another former personal assistant of Amber Heard, was violently sexually assaulted at the age of 26 while she was in Brazil. In 2013 Amber Heard became aware of her story and invited her into her office to get more details.

After having to relive the traumatic and life altering experience by retelling it to her boss, a cold and emotionless Amber Heard simply responded by telling her to “buy a gun.”

Kate James was later shocked to discover that Amber Heard had stolen her story for her own benefit.

“It’s all lies apparently,” Deb Anderson added.

“Adam Waldman, a member of Johnny Depp’s legal team, has been dropping truth bombs on Twitter for the past couple of days, complete with documents obtained via subpoena.”

Johnny Depp’s legal team has had a seemingly impossible uphill battle against what is now proven to be a very corrupt Supreme British Court.

Johnny Depp fans respond to being called "bots" by Heard and The Sun
Johnny Depp and his attorney Adam Waldman

Late last year Judge Sir Andrew Nicol ruled in the favour of the controversial British tabloid “The Sun” in Johnny Depp’s libel trial for calling him a “wife beater” in one of their articles.

Despite the mountain of evidence proving Depp’s innocence, Andrew Nicols ruled against Johnny stating that although he doesn’t believe he’s a wife beater, that the libel trial was more damaging to Heard because of the gold digger allegations, which — I might add — have now be proven to be true.

Flow Chart
Flow chart reveals connections between Judge Andrew Nicol, Rupert Murdoch and Warner Bros.

Internet sleuths found strong connections tying the judge who oversaw Depp’s case to the Rupert Murdoch multi billion dollar empire. Nicol’s son worked for Murdoch owned talkRADIO which was co-hosted by the very author of the Johnny Depp “wife beater” hit piece.

Amber Heard faces prison… for the third time!

Amber Heard has been exposed falsifying documents to smuggle her dogs into Australia. Her former makeup artists revealed that she used cosmetics to fake bruises for her police report. Both of these are very serious offenses that could end someone in prison. Now, she facing a prison sentence again… third time lucky?

The documents revealed by Depp’s legal team prove that Amber Heard pledged to donate her divorce settlement money. She did so on paper and under oath making the pledge legally binding. But the new documents prove that she didn’t donate that settlement money. This will mark the third time that she has committed perjury. Once in Australia, once in the United States of America, and once in the UK.

In Australia the punishment of perjury is 14 years, and life if lying to get someone else in trouble and that’s exactly what she did to Johnny Depp.

Then there’s also the fact that this is clearly charity fraud. Depending of the severity of the scandal, she could face an additional 6 years for withholding millions from sick and dying children.

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