Evan Rachel Wood & Illma Gore staged 3-year Manson witch-hunt!


Marilyn Manson challenges the anti-SLAPP motion by Evan Rachel Wood and Illma Gore after discovering they worked together for 3 years to find dirt on him.

Marilyn Manson contests the anti-SLAPP motion filed by Evan Rachel Wood and Illma Gore after learning that they collaborated for three years to dig up dirt on him. According to court filings, a former employee and accuser shared Manson’s logins and passwords in an attempt to “find evidence.”

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If the general public would be asked if they felt that Marilyn Manson would be capable of assaulting and abusing women, they’d undoubtedly say yes because of his public image and his controversial songs. However, Evan Rachel Wood, and other accusers, are battling to convince the world that the singer/songwriter is the monster he plays on stage.

Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper (image credit unknown)

Numerous character witnesses have come forward to defend Manson, arguing that the person you see on stage and behind the scenes are not the same. Marilyn Manson has been regarded as a soft-spoken and romantic individual who is vulnerable, gentle, and sympathetic.

A former acquaintance of Manson claimed to have witnessed the dynamic in the relationship between Manson and Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood, stating that Wood was the manipulative and dominating partner.

Evan Rachel manipulated Manson, says witness.

“She [Evan Rachel Wood] sold him on a fantasy — you know the Lolita fantasy — and he bought it. It all seemed like it was her idea and she was trying to be what she thought he wanted,” Manson’s former assistant, Paula, explained.

She added: “It was often her idea to be apart of his photoshoots and in his music videos.”

Now, Evan Rachel Wood is hellbent on destroying Manson’s career, and she allegedly presented a forged FBI document as proof in the Family Court proceeding.

Manson and Evan Rachel Wood together
Manson’s ex staged witch-hunt (Credit: Stefan Trautmann / WENN)

It was the aforementioned letter from the FBI that sparked the media witch hunt for the 53-year-old shock rocker, validating Manson’s claims regarding his lawsuit against the West World actress. The letter has now been shown to be false and fraudulent, but at the time it was widely reported as being true.

Using an anti-SLAPP motion, Ms. Wood attempted to have the fraudulent FBI letter and other evidence damning to Manson’s case against her removed. However, new documents obtained by The Manson Cases’ Twitter account show that Manson’s attorney Howard King has filed a counter-motion to not strike the letter and other evidence damning to Wood.

3-year-long witch-hunt!

Further more, the motion says that Evan Rachel Wood and Illma Gore conspired together and conducted a 3-year-long witch-hunt in an attempt to destroy Manson’s career and legacy.

Michelle Meyer, Wood’s former attorney, backed Manson’s legal counsel’s petition against Wood and Gore’s anti-SLAPP filing, acknowledging that Evan Rachel Wood unlawfully used her name and phone number on a bogus FBI document.

Illma Gore interview
Illma Gore hacked Manson’s Facebook.

“I am a victim of Ashley Gore a/k/a Illma Gore (“Gore”) and Evan Rachel Wood’s (“Wood”) unauthorized and illegal use of my phone number on a forged FBI letter,” Meyer states in the affidavit.

They hacked his Facebook account.

Meyer also claims that Wood and Gore worked together for three years to hatch a plot to destroy Manson’s career by uncovering incriminating information about him. According to the evidence, they were able to gain the login data for Manson’s Facebook account and thoroughly search through it to look for any proof. They also used his Facebook account to reach out to all female fans as a “protocol” to find other potential victims.

Manson's Facebook password - evidence
Witch-hunt: Manson’s Facebook account hacked.

After many years of attempting to find damaging evidence against Marilyn Manson, Wood and Gore have merely presented a self-produced 2-hour documentary that Manson’s attorney says is “so egregious that it warrants further discussions,” and a fraudulent FBI document the Respondents want struck from the case.

Manson Case evidence
Creating victims: “protocol to reach out to victims.”

“Neither Wood nor Gore can or do swear to any of the other contents of the two plus-hour film lodged with the Court. This film is not a substitute for evidence that Wood or Gore have strategically have decided not to provide,” Mr King stated.

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