Amber Heard blames Depp for her fitness issues on Aquaman 2 set


Amber Heard’s bad habits caught up. Johnny Depp’s lying ex-wife is physically unable to keep up with her cast and crew in the production of Aquaman 2.

Amber Heard may be able to act as her pending lawsuit and media coverage of her many lies don’t affect her, but her body is starting to show signs of stress as fitness concerns grow and the b-list actress looks totally exhausted on the set of Aquaman 2.


The party-girl lifestyle is catching up with Amber Heard. Nights of binge drinking red wine and sh*tting the bed may have had a minimal impact on Heard’s body but it is definitely affecting her fitness.

Earlier this year a source close to Warner Bros told us that Amber Heard’s role for Mera was on the line, but it had nothing to do with her legal battle with her ex-husband Johnny Depp. While billions of people around the globe were unable to work, let alone travel, Amber Heard spent the summer of 2020 traveling around European waters on a mega-yacht binge drinking red wine and partying it up like a teenager.

Amber Heard yacht Turkey lockdown
Amber Heard drinks red wine on yacht during lockdown.

As a result Heard had put on more than a couple of kilos which was a breach of her health and fitness clause in her contract. However, despite being despised by many of her colleagues and castmates she had formed a close and personal relationship with the film’s director, James Wan, who fought on her behalf to keep the role.

After the news broke, Amber Heard posted fake workout images to her Twitter and Instagram page to show that she was taking the role seriously and preparing for it; but the images were from the first Aquaman movie.

“Amber is like that high school prep brat,” a source told us. “She won’t look people who she considers her ‘lessers’ in the eye but will suck up to top billed talents, directors and producers.”

This kind of suck up attitude seemingly did not only help her bed and wed one of Hollywood’s hottest talents, but also saved her job at Warner Bros; but just how much more crap are they willing to take before they say, “enough is enough.”

Amber Heard workout exhausted
Amber Heard fitness questioned and she looks exhausted.

According to an anonymous crew mate on the Aquaman 2 set, Amber Heard is blaming “depression and stress” for her health issues and lacklustre performance.

“She’s acting like she has PTSD from what Johnny did to her,” the source revealed. Heard made serious abuse allegations against Johnny Depp in a Washington Post article. Depp is now suing Heard for defamation of character.

“Although I don’t doubt that she is stressed and depressed, I doubt it has anything to do with the abuse she alleges that she suffered from. She’s terrified of Depp’s lawsuit because, I believe, she thinks that the verdict is not going to go her way. Also, she’s not slowing down on that red wine. She is still drinking during takes.”

Heard has blocked fans from commenting on all her social media profiles and that is because, after years of scrutiny, people are convinced that she lied both in her Washington Post article and in the UK high court. There’s also recorded audio evidence of Heard admitting to hitting Depp and insulting him.

If Johnny Depp wins his defamation case against Heard in 2022 she might face multiple serious, career ending, felony charges.

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