Amber Heard will face multiple felony charges if she loses trial


Amber Heard and her co-conspirators will face multiple felony charges if she loses her upcoming Johnny Depp defamation trial in 2022.

Heard’s attorney and the ACLU are frantically trying to get the defamation case dismissed before the trial because it will expose bigger felony crimes which may result in more than just a USD$50 million payout.

There’s no settling this one. Depp’s legal team are bringing out the big guns in the upcoming defamation Amber Heard trial that is set to take place in Virginia in April 2022, a source close to Depp’s attorney told us. They are going above and beyond to expose how the mainstream media went to great lengths to cover-up Heard’s many crimes which may include charity fraud and tax evasion.

“Although this is just a defamation case, this could result in a criminal persecution. The evidence that Depp’s attorneys wants to bring to the court could open up Pandora’s box and lead to a federal investigation,” the source told us.

“Just like Ms Heard’s perjury in the UK ended in a federal investigation by the Department of Agriculture in Australia, the evidence submitted to the Virginia courts next summer will most likely end in a FBI investigation into Heard right here in the USA,” they added.

Depp will win.

Johnny Depp’s legal team is very confident that they’ll will the defamation case against Heard next year, the source claims. And just like Heard is trying to use the ruling from the ‘wife beater’ libel trial to dismiss Depp’s defamation suit, US law enforcement could use the defamation trial evidence to persecute Heard for her other crimes.

The source continued: “Being found guilty of defamation is the least of Heard’s worries right now, she’s looking at several major felony charges and could spend the next 5 years in prison. She’ll be 40 when she gets out and her career would be over.

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Two of the felonies could include charity fraud and tax evasion, rumours suggest. Adam Waldman exposed the 35-year-old actress for lying about donating the entirety of her divorce settlement which amounted to USD$7 million to charity. The actress testified in the UK court that she had donated the money, and the ACLU and CHLA listed her a donor on their official website despite being able to produce any kind of proof of transaction.

Why is the ACLU involved?

Furthermore, it has come to light that ACLU penned the slanderous article Washington Post article on behalf of Ms Heard that Depp is now suing for. The judge in the upcoming defamation trial has slammed both Heard and the ACLU for wasting the courts time and not being transparent enough.

The ACLU even tried to exploit the legal system by filing an amicus brief in attempt to have the trial dismissed despite rules stipulating that a person directly involved with the case could not do so.

ACLU staff

Depp’s legal team fired back at the ACLU for not doing their due diligence investigating Amber Heard’s claims and taking her side without a single shred of evidence. Heard and her legal team then tried to escalate matters to Judge Judge Penney S. Azcarate of Fairfax County but her appeal to dismiss, was yet again, thrown out.

However, Judge Penney S. Azcarate of Fairfax County did grant her permission to make changes to her motion to dismiss but said that her “third attempt to dismiss would be futile” but also warned that if Heard is found to have wasted the court’s time, there will be legal repercussions for her in the form of sanctions.

Signs of guilt.

Why would anybody that spoke the truth be so concerned about being sued for defamation and why would they be so desperate to dismiss the trial? According to our source, it’s a sign of guilt.

“Amber Heard is guilty and there are a lot of people have been legally implicated because of her many lies. There’s no settling this case. Johnny Depp is on warpath to clear his name. His reputation means more to him than money, and there’s no amount of money that could convince him otherwise,” the source revealed.

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“Amber Heard’s eagerness to dismiss this case is a huge sign of guilt. They need this trial thrown out and they will throw the entire book at this trial to make that happen because this could expose so much more than just defamation. Just think about this; why did the ACLU and CHLA lie about donation and why are they so desperately trying to help her out here?”

“I’m sure a few federal agencies are interested in finding out where Depp’s and — let’s say allegedly — Musk’s money went. It’s fact not fiction and it is certainly a felony,” they concluded.

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Amber Heard appears to have a secret alias which she has never disclosed to the public. Records for a person by the name of Larisa Vanda has been attached to Heard since 2018 and appears to have followed her to her hometown in Austin, Texas, as well as Los Angeles, California, and all the way to to Europe. Could Heard be using this alias to evade taxes? Only time will tell.

The Depp v Heard defamation trial will take place in Fairfax, Virginia, in April 2022. Whether or not Amber Heard will be found guilty of felony crimes will be revealed during this trial.

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